Friday, June 18, 2010

Glasgow I am here

Cute rest stop area
I arrived into Manchester around 9 am. I had to take the train to the bus station in Manchester to catch the bus to Glasgow it was kind of gloomy out. I slept most of time on bus but did wake up and see it is pretty the rest stop area had a little pond with ducks and you could sit on a stone if you wanted it was full of people because it was gorgeous out. People were picnicking what a lovely spot.

I had my donner kabab tonight excellent a place right around the corner and also down a steep hill yikes walked quite a lot just to see whatever warm here. The bad part about this B and B is the walk from the bus station is about 20 mins but so up hill and the last block is Streets of San Francisco, up a hill I am in the University area.

I just booked my trip to loch ness in the morning so best get to bed even tho it is not 9 yet I am exhausted