Monday, April 16, 2018

Some of my London adventures

Light rain so umbrella in hand I took the tube to St Pauls and then I walked around trying to find the Roman Ruins. In the 1950's the Roman Temple of Mithras  the largest and most important temple in Roman London;  it was found during construction work. It it is now open to the public with free tours.  I did not realize you needed a ticket in advance despite but I was so lucky as the woman took pity on me and let me without one. 

in the temple

M and M store

I made a visit to my fave bridge Tower Bridge all these years and I am still fascinated with it. I decided to walk across it this time as it was a beautiful day. A great walk, I wound up walking some more but decided I was too exhausted to walk all the way back to my hotel, I had got a bit lost so was further than I wanted to walk and decided to take the under ground back.

view from the other side of the Bridge


impromptu concert

I walked around for awhile and found Petticoat lane the rain had let up for awhile  I bought a t shirt for a pound just because the guy selling had  a very strong Cockney accent.  I then headed to find Spitfields and Brick Lane. Somehow my memory actually worked and I remembered where it was.  I had a sausage it was so good and a can of pepsi it was raining lightly so I found a spot to stand under a bit of cover, I was getting organized my bag and then saw a pepsi in bag? Realized I took one from the vendor I returned it.  Found a band playing they were quite young and quite good and name of band was Bandits on Run I watched them for about an hour bought their CD they were from Brooklyn.


My final day I woke up to rain and decided to make walk to the British museum and visited the China, Korean, Egypt. Afterwards headed to Hounslow West and checked into my B and B which was really cute. I walked to the shops in Hounslow east and Center got some goodies to take home and had dinner in a Chinese buffet really good. After a yummy breakfast I went to the tube station and tried to find the lift they had but apparently it's hidden away and for people in Wheelchairs. I was talking to a man working at the station and he took pity on me and carried my suitcase to the track, he thought it wasn't heavy.

yummy breki

Skylark B and B backyard

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Farewell to Lille

The Fountain in Place de la Republique museum Palais des Beaux

Since there was a train strike two of the days I was there I was unable to visit other towns I was interested in and spent my time exploring Lille. I roamed to quite a few areas some were good some not so.  I looked in the mall when it got rainy I am not into shopping. I found a shop bakery called Paul, no not that PAUL and it had some delicious pastry.  I wandered up and down streets and then it was time to leave.

fancy hotel

Palais des Beaux

I was back at euro rail a bit early and after I checked in I sat and relaxed and read. It started getting close to when the train back to London to arrive and I was beginning to wonder why they had not announced it. I was worried that even though it was a non strike day we weren't going back to London. All of a sudden after some announcements in French I noticed people who had been working at the station running around handling out paper to people. I began to freak out and finally went up to the desk to ask. Apparently the train to London had broken down, they were re-routing a train to stop and pick us up. I finally got my new ticket and we were led down and shown where to wait, by the car our seat would be on. I got on and found my seat the seat had all sorts of things on it books, papers and I was trying to see if I was in the right seat. The woman sitting there got really snotty and said I did not know anyone was going to sit here I need to move my things. I waited patiently and sat down just as the train was leaving.  I just sat and read some and the woman next to me was quite. When stopped to pickup more people who had been left stranded by the strike for two days. We finally arrived back in London and as I was trying to get my little bags from up top the woman offered to help. I  got back to my hotel and got my luggage and my room.

Theater Sebaspool

Memorial to Carrier Pigeons

Church of the Savior

Monument to Louis Pasteur