Sunday, May 31, 2009

On our way home

Heading home am at the airport now had one of my best trips ever never knew how good it was to travel alone except for cricket....anyway been so great,

After a nice breki and a look at the village church at my cousin's Margie and her husband Deric in Alderbury hit the road for London we got in a bit late it, 4.30 was so hot out...I had to shower before I could head out. I went over to the other B and B got my clothes. Headed for a last look at St James and sat and watched the birds, awhile also had an ice cream i hadn't eaten since breki at 10 am, and it was now after 6 pm. I ran into the Horse Guards at Whitehall and Cricket insisted we have our photos taken with one.

Then off to Regents Park ran into a man with a alpha can't think of spelling sort of like a llama I paid to get get my photo taken as it was to help raise money. The roses were in bloom so that was wonderful, I sat and enjoyed awhile and took a slow walk to the tube at Baker street

I got back to my hotel area late around 10 as i stopped for more cookies and candy then I had my last for now lamb shiskahab and fries with garlic sauce oh so yummy. I checked the train schedules and crawled up the stairs to my room around 10.30.

I didn't get to bed until almost midnight and i had the alarm set for 5.50 am so I could get over to the train station by 10 to 7, ate a roll I had picked up the night before with some tea. Its been a superb trip took a lot of photos wont tell you as ya'd faint.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wales Wales

stopping to smell the roses

Having tea at the Castle

Loverly day in Wales today we went to a Chrik Castle in Wales it was really a nice the gardens were so beautiful and also a room with clothes to dress up.  Of course it was something I could not pass up on doing Margie too we had fun taking photos.

Michael and I went to the top room where he played King of the Castle. .

and toured the gardens, which we beautiful

followed by a lovely pub dinner of welsh blackened rump.
It was a nice day and spent with my cousins and mushrooms and hand cut chips too good..and a nice drink.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bath and Toilets

Good stroll around bath in the am and had to get another Cornish pasty I cant believe I never tried one I took it on the train for me lunch. Bath is really a pretty city I really enjoyed my days there.
I headed to Shrewsbury to see my cousins didn't realize I had to change trains but I managed with my luggage which is growing with all the cookies and candy. My cousin Michael met me at the train and then walked to meet Deric it was a quick drive to Alderbury where Margie and Deric live which is a very pretty village. We had some tea
and set off on a hike on the Lord of the Manors property this time we did not see any wildlife when I was here last time we snuck up on what we thought was a deer only to find it was a plastic bag hanging from a tree oh what a laugh we had.

Margie me and Michael
Margie's son Neil drove up for dinner so he could see me which was nice we had salmon and veggies and potatoes and rubarb pie for dessert. Oh we started having a wine toast before dinner and during dinner was more wine. After Neil drove home we sat and shared toilets of France they had some interesting stories to tell. We were laughing so hard we were crying I did get some on video.. let me tell you you don't know what your missing and so am I glad I haven't run into those toilets.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Off to Lacock on the bus

this beautiful cat was just sitting on a wall

I decided to go to Lacock since Pride and Prejudice was filmed there. I took a bus to Chippenham and then to Lacock it was soooooo gooooood I couldn't get over how pretty it was.  There was a woman who was on the bus and volunteering at the abbey,  decided to walk around the village with me for about 30 mins she had a cane and it was sweet she wanted to show me things, she was so proud of her village  If it had been a blue sky day I would have gone happily to Kahli as it was cloudy it was still beautiful. I saw the most gorgeous cat she was a beauty and also a gorgeous doggy a Irish wolfe hound.  I walked around and had tea in a really quaint place, it was loverly.

that's pronounced Lay comment

After I took the bus back to Chippenham and then fish and chips my fave cod fish. It was a superb day glad i went even it it wasn't sunny. I ran into Gary from the bus trip yesterday I heard him talking and said he sounds familiar..he was surprised to see me and impressed I got there all on my own without a tour. He wanted me to tell him how I did it because he could tell other tour groups how to explore on their own.

I also ran into another woman from yesterdays tour she said oh you have a coat today she went to Stonehenge and said it was pouring I and so over-rated. It did rain this am but cleared up most of the day off to my cousins tomorrow in Shrewsbury cant wait another gorgeous town with black and whites

too damp to sit outside


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Cotswolds unreal beauty

Just did the tour it was so unreal it was beautiful we stopped in a number of little hamlets and villages. Castle Combe was the first one it was so pretty. We also stopped in Birby another gem I can not wait to see the photos i have taken alot on this trip is all i can say. I will be uploading when i get back but it will take ages

Tonight I took a 3 mile jaunt around the back streets here in Bath all blue skies and sunshine it been a miracle weather wise; it has hardly rained.

The big treat last night was the thermo spa I had decided to treat myself to it it was so good feel the water was very warm and it would bubble it would go in spots and it was relaxing most of the time I had a little blue foam thing to hold on to and I would just float mainly on my back this was outside on top of the roof. I had been so exhausted before i went in there that I almost didn't go and just go back to my glad i didn't i had no idea it would feel so good i was energized and walked around last night for a few more hours.

I had my first cornish pasty *lamb of course cannot believe I never tried one before yummy

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bath pronounced Baaath

I am here having a good time but very upset 2 things first I left some of my clothes in London I am having trouble getting in touch with the hotel even tho I have emailed and I am hoping I get the clothes back. Then today i find the phone I have has lost its antenna I have no idea when as I saw it last night but now it is gone.

view from my room

Rained today a bit but nice now. I took The Mayors walking tour of Bath I it was all interesting and the guides are volunteers. Well I was getting a bit behind as my foot was bothering me and lost them at the end. Well I saw the Mayor he was there at the beginning of the tour and now he was asking the group if they wanted a special treat. Even tho I wasn't in his group I tagged along we got to go into his office which was really interesting full of things to look at he also posed for photos with us and he had us sign the guest book that was a big deal since normally only official visitors to the office get to sign it so if you are ever there looking at the book you will see my name.

Thermae Spa Bath

A tour to Cotswolds is on tap for tomorrow hope the rain hold off.