Friday, May 29, 2009

Bath and Toilets

Good stroll around bath in the am and had to get another Cornish pasty I cant believe I never tried one I took it on the train for me lunch. Bath is really a pretty city I really enjoyed my days there.
I headed to Shrewsbury to see my cousins didn't realize I had to change trains but I managed with my luggage which is growing with all the cookies and candy. My cousin Michael met me at the train and then walked to meet Deric it was a quick drive to Alderbury where Margie and Deric live which is a very pretty village. We had some tea
and set off on a hike on the Lord of the Manors property this time we did not see any wildlife when I was here last time we snuck up on what we thought was a deer only to find it was a plastic bag hanging from a tree oh what a laugh we had.

Margie me and Michael
Margie's son Neil drove up for dinner so he could see me which was nice we had salmon and veggies and potatoes and rubarb pie for dessert. Oh we started having a wine toast before dinner and during dinner was more wine. After Neil drove home we sat and shared toilets of France they had some interesting stories to tell. We were laughing so hard we were crying I did get some on video.. let me tell you you don't know what your missing and so am I glad I haven't run into those toilets.