Monday, May 25, 2009

Bath pronounced Baaath

I am here having a good time but very upset 2 things first I left some of my clothes in London I am having trouble getting in touch with the hotel even tho I have emailed and I am hoping I get the clothes back. Then today i find the phone I have has lost its antenna I have no idea when as I saw it last night but now it is gone.

view from my room

Rained today a bit but nice now. I took The Mayors walking tour of Bath I it was all interesting and the guides are volunteers. Well I was getting a bit behind as my foot was bothering me and lost them at the end. Well I saw the Mayor he was there at the beginning of the tour and now he was asking the group if they wanted a special treat. Even tho I wasn't in his group I tagged along we got to go into his office which was really interesting full of things to look at he also posed for photos with us and he had us sign the guest book that was a big deal since normally only official visitors to the office get to sign it so if you are ever there looking at the book you will see my name.

Thermae Spa Bath

A tour to Cotswolds is on tap for tomorrow hope the rain hold off.