Monday, May 18, 2009

Freaking Cricket is trouble

This morning walking to the tube I saw a lot of people walking and thought it was very crowded area for 9.30 and as I started down the steps noticed everyone was coming up and no way to walk down so I am thinking idiots why are you all walking up and no space for down and woman grabbed me and said emergency in the station get out so I turned and headed away there was hundreds of people hurrying down the street and I could hear the evacuation signals never heard of what might have happened.

London Eye

Tower Bridge

Kensington Gardens

I took lots of photos can never get enough of the Tower (does not include the Tower I work for that's more like the Tower where it's off with ye head ). After that I walked across the Tower Bridge and into an area I hadn't been to I love exploring London that's how we went to the Pub.  I was in a Kensington Gardens earlier and a squirrel came up and sat on my legs looking for food cheeky little devil. Yes I even have photos to Prove it

I cannot believe the trouble Cricket caused today I had to drag him out of a pub he was in the Old Justice Pub, as seen in PAUL McCartney movie Broadstreet.  There was even a plaque on the wall outside that PAUL McCartney filmed No More Lonely Nights video there.

It was a gorgeous day I walked all over and even took a boat trip down the Thames past St Paul's Cathedral the London Eye Tower Bridge which is also known as my bridge.

Old Justice Pub

Cricket has a pint

I been in lots of parks and saw plenty of flowers and ducks had a nice kebab at a place here in Rotherhithe it was  delicious ts been a good day with just one little rain shower. 
I cannot believe how much i have seen in the past 3 days here covered a lot of ground and pretty much everything has been spur of the moment. I love spur of the moment it's fun just to do whatever when the idea hits you like walking across the Tower Bridge. Or watching a bird Traveling on your own sure has its merits you do what inspires you at the moment.  I am really into spur of the moment.

tomorrow off to Paris