Sunday, May 31, 2009

On our way home

Heading home am at the airport now had one of my best trips ever never knew how good it was to travel alone except for cricket....anyway been so great,

After a nice breki and a look at the village church at my cousin's Margie and her husband Deric in Alderbury hit the road for London we got in a bit late it, 4.30 was so hot out...I had to shower before I could head out. I went over to the other B and B got my clothes. Headed for a last look at St James and sat and watched the birds, awhile also had an ice cream i hadn't eaten since breki at 10 am, and it was now after 6 pm. I ran into the Horse Guards at Whitehall and Cricket insisted we have our photos taken with one.

Then off to Regents Park ran into a man with a alpha can't think of spelling sort of like a llama I paid to get get my photo taken as it was to help raise money. The roses were in bloom so that was wonderful, I sat and enjoyed awhile and took a slow walk to the tube at Baker street

I got back to my hotel area late around 10 as i stopped for more cookies and candy then I had my last for now lamb shiskahab and fries with garlic sauce oh so yummy. I checked the train schedules and crawled up the stairs to my room around 10.30.

I didn't get to bed until almost midnight and i had the alarm set for 5.50 am so I could get over to the train station by 10 to 7, ate a roll I had picked up the night before with some tea. Its been a superb trip took a lot of photos wont tell you as ya'd faint.