Saturday, October 28, 2017

Another visit to the black and whites of Shrewsbury and Powis Castle

Another chance to visit Shrewsbury visiting my cousins and spending one night with them. They picked me up at the train and we had a some tea and a snack. We walked around town for a few hours as they know how much I love it there. I was close to Halloween so many windows were decorated I will let the photos tell the story. 

ghostly apparitions 

We took a trip into Wales which is very close to them and we made a visit to Powis Castle gardens. It is such a pretty place I love the beautiful yew trees that have been trimmed into beautiful shapes. I had to take the steps up so I could enjoy up close and my cousins took the shortcut, they go there quite often.  We then had a meal and I was happy to see they had lamb stew and it was yummy.

view from the garden

smelling the chocolate flower yes it smelt like chocolate

yummy lamb stew

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Return visit to Sintra

I decided to make a return visit to Sintra since I loved it the last time I was there.  I caught and early train, I walked around the town for several hours and then I decided to head to Cacias I had been there my last time in Portugal and thought it would be a nice place to go back too and have a nice meal and enjoy being by the sea.  I had to take the train and get off in one town and walk to another area to change to another train.  This was easier said than done; I asked several people where to catch the train to continue on to Cacias, but no matter where I walked and how many people I asked nothing.  I finally decided to forget it and get back on the train towards Praca das Nacoe. I arrived and managed to find have a good meal and then I walked to the water and see an amazing sunset. 

gorgeous flowers

National Palace of Sintra