Sunday, October 15, 2017

Once again in London what can I say

Me on my Bridge

I found myself back in London again (no hardship you know me and London) had some cousins I wanted to visit.  Walking around London for a few days I managed to find some areas I had never been (yes there are still some). I was in Kensington Palace and walking around, I had of course been there a number of times over the years.  The Palace was the official residence of Princess Diana while she was alive. I visited there shortly after her death in 1997. I came across Princess Memorial playground I could not enter because I did not have a child in tow but I do understand that I did spot some gnomes and was able to snap some photos through the fence. 
As I was walking  through the park I did notice the sky become a strange color sort of orange. It also became eerily quite I snapped some photos and later found out it was Hurricane Ophelia.

Kensington Palace Gardens

storm approaches

errie  sky

check out the sun

Strolling  around another day I found a park in St James Square that I do not recall visiting before but the highlight was a coming across a display by Sculptor Sophie Ryder part of Frieze week, Tepozteco it was fun to see the critters.

St James Square 

The Sitting

Castle in the sand

face along the Thames

colorful birds St James Park

such a beauty

here come the Pelicans

Changing of the Queens Life Guard at Horse Guards Parade

Battle of Britain Memorial

St Albans Church

On my first trip to England over 40 years ago the big thrill for me was getting to go into the Beatles Apple Records. At that time a friend of mine hung with the Apple scruffs and it was thanks to her that my first night in London (back then you flew over during the day and arrived in evening) we were able to go into Apple Records as she was friends with the Guard nicknnamed Sarge so we got a very late tour inside, except the rooftop. It was such a thrill for me and and awesome beginning to a very wonderful Beatles trip. Trying to meet them was why I first went to London and happily succeeded.  Of course Apple Records closed down a number of years ago and has since become Abercrombie & Finch Kid's store. I discovered of late you can go in the store which displays some Beatles artifacts.  So needless to say I decided to visit the store. I was able to take some photos and tried to recall what was where so long ago. Of course you could not go up to the roof in 1971, where the Beatles gave their final concert. Of course not today although I did go across to Abercrombie & Finch and up a few floors to gaze above. It brought back so many memories.

Me 1971 Apple

Christmas Decorations were up on Oxford St