Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ljubjlana an enchanting city

tour group pose see me front row

I had my 'usual' breki of ham and cheese omelet the cheese is so darn good.  I headed in to town it was not quite raining about to. I decided to try a different route and to center of town I found a pretty church and thought I had a shortcut but I got turned around and went way out of the way  and had to find my way back to center of town.  I went to the internet place that I had finally found and caught up on mail and things. 

I wanted to do The Original Ljubjlana Free Tour which leaves the pink church in Preseren square at 11 am it was just starting to sprinkle a bit I got there signed in and ran for a toilet. The  guide name was Eva and she was really interesting we walked around the square first getting history and stories. We learned of the national poet France PreŇ°eren and his unfulfilled love of Julija Primic, his muse. Afterwards we set off for the Dragon Bridge and We also stopped at the glass bridge (The Butchers' Bridge) where we heard men below can look up under girls dresses as they walk about. We also went through the Central market where a we tried some sauerkraut and something else from a vendor and she passed it around and most people tried some you could see the fussy ones that were never going to eat a shared thing like that you know germs, oh horror.

They also had a milk machine with UN-pasteurized milk the little group from Mexico (4 guys and one girl) bought that and were drinking, despite the guide comment not good to drink without boiling first.  I spotted a woman selling homemade candles and bought a Christmas one for friend, We also stopped at church that was really beautiful inside we had a few minutes to look inside the church door was quite unusual. Then onwards in the rain which was picking up we passed a group of children performing under a tent as part of a festival for children with disabilities, we only stopped for a moment.  Then we headed to an area a bit further away and went inside a building where we sat for a group photo and also got more history of Slovenia it was a good tour.

By now the rain was really coming down and I was cold and I spotted an outside cafe with big umbrellas and was going to buy hot chocolate to warm up but then saw they sold nutella crepes and decided that would be better I found a dry spot and enjoyed. I walked back to the market and bought a top they were so reasonable 5 euro I was not sure on the size as even the medium size looked big and got that the woman tried to sell me more but not knowing for sure they would fit I did not, too bad it fit nicely. I then wound back at the internet place as it was raining too bad to do anything. I made a stop at Saint Nicholas   again to look around more and take some photos. 

ceiling inside Ljubljana Cathedral

Being too cold and wet I decided to head back to my hotel as I had already decided on having dinner there for my last night I had seen a tricolor pasta with cheese and ham on the menu and had that with a glass of wine. I turned in early repacked as I had a early train and then read and relaxed. I am so happy I wanted to visit Lake Bled because I got to go to Ljubjlana and it was a very good choice I loved it there and loved the people.

The Pink Church

Julia's window

Glass bridge with locks
Dragon Bridge

Yummy pasta dinner

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sea day Piran screech

the mermaid and I

I decided to take a chance on going to Piran it was cloudy and supposed to rain but I really wanted to go, it was on my list. Well it did rain some but only while I was on the bus and then it cleared as we got closer to Piran. It was wonderful to be by the Adriatic Sea  again it was a bit cloudy but started to clear as I walked through the town.  It was a small, but pretty town so it did not take long to look around.  I was toying with taking an early bus back but decided to explore further, I am so glad I did.

 I found the perfect spot near the sea and I was able to sit down on a rock and put my feet in the water pure bliss it was cold at first but it warmed a bit. I sat for maybe 25 minutes really enjoying it. Suddenly for some reason I looked down and right by my hand within inches was a big critter and it looked like a
I somehow managed to scoot away on my butt without falling in the water or dropping anything lucky my bags were further away. I sat in stunned amazement drying me feet to get my shoes on again.  I saw it on the side of the rock and tried to take a photo but my battery died.

After that walked up a steep hill to a St George Parish church the church was started in however it was a church museum and a woman must have been collecting admission as she sat on a chair just reading back towards the world I did not go in had looked in a door and not much to it. I read since then that is is open so I must have been there the wrong day, the photo below was taken through an opening in the entrance.

Inside the church

Tartini Square

love the colors

The skies cleared and I decided to make a day of it and take the last bus at 7 pm and I was 
just a bit hungry and saw stew for 3.50 euro listed on a menu at a cute little cafe right across from the sea.  I asked what it was like and then waiter said our special so I ordered it and also a glass of wine it was so reasonably priced 2 euro for wine. I sat sipping my wine and  just looking at the sea (thought life but someone has to do it) and then the waiter came and said a present for you madam and gave me a basket of bread.  I was surprised at the bread it made me feel good that he gave the basket to me nice warm bread the stew came it was yummy had a chicken leg. I ate and enjoyed the view and getting some sun.
I looked in shops again and thought the bus was early and ran for it but it was not the bus so I stayed near the bus stop, no problem sitting by the sea. It was at that point that I found there were shuttles to nearby towns but it was too late for that now.  I was a bit tired and decided to sit and relax till the bus was ready to go. The first town we stopped in which was barely 5 minutes away the skies were gloomy and looking back at where I was it was still sunny. I sat in the front for the view out the window and also my knee and the driver made me nervous he was texting at times and checking Facebook. I was happy to get back in one piece; it was quite late when I got back.

All in all an nice peaceful day enjoyed it and was worth the 2 and a half hour ride each as we had to stop in many towns and did not take the high way.

chicken stew and wine


sun going down Adriatic Sea

sun going down Adriatic Sea

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lake Bled Day Check

 The church has a 52 m (171 ft) tower and there is a stairway with 99 steps leading up to the building. The church is frequently visited and weddings are held there regularly. Traditionally it is considered good luck for the groom to carry his bride up the 99 steps on the day of their wedding before ringing the bell and making a wish inside the church.

Brekie was so good had a choice of  6 different items  and I had a veggie omelet with home made bread  so yummy it was included with the room which was nice as the breakfast cost between 5 and 7 euro. 
99 steps up

I had good day took tour to Lake Bled it was beautiful it was small tour only 3 people including me the I got to sit in front. It was personal, the guide was so nice and funny he make you laugh. His name was Yernie but he said if you wished you could call him Bart.  We visited the castle and then also the island on a Pletna boat “wooden ferry” and that was across a glacier lake so fun.
When we got to the church on the island we had to climb the famous 99 steps. I was a bit worried with my knee but no problem I was able to do it. The couple with me was from Calif and the woman took a beautiful photo of me with her IPAD and then emailed it to me. I will see it when I get to check email again.  I got Cricket out to pose with me with the Castle in the background and Yernie said whose that and I said Cricket my travel buddy and he loved him and then asked if he could take some photos of Cricket with my camera. . You could explore the church or look around and we only had about 30 mins that is the bad thing about tours so I decided just to look around and then as I was about to meet the tour a few people came up in Medieval  costumes to perform a show I snapped some photos before hurrying away.

Since I was in Lake Bled I wanted to try famous creme cake Kremna Rezina  as it is known to the locals so I went to the home of the original the Park Restaurant and Cafe and I had trouble getting waited on I waited so long and I went in to the restaurant to ask and a man if I could just get a slice and take it outside myself as they had a lot cut in a case but he said no I had to wait to have it outside.  He took my order and still did not get 14 minutes later cake and coffee so I went again the man was so sorry and I finally got it in time hastily eat and then another woman showed up with it again. I guess they felt bad they only charged me for the cake and gave me coffee for free. The waitress kept saying pay cake not coffee so finally figured what she meant. The cake was very yummy so I am glad I got to try it.
Kremna Rezina 
Our Guide was explaining different groups of people  Germantic Romance and who they are. He himself he said was a Romantic and I guess that would be the group I fall into very that group because they are very emotional. At one point he was discussing how accepting we should be of people and he said ok I am a 52 year old transvestite Muslim.. do you still like me..ha ha he was picking the worse things to say and I said but you are kind so I like you... He was so good I loved his stories too, but I felt like he was a bit on caffeine high as he never seemed to slow down, he would say any questions but you barely say a word when he was off to the next point. He loves doing this job as it makes him free to enjoy, while we had our hour to ourselves he said he was going to get a bike and ride around.


Pletna boats
Mother and "kids"

I was dropped off back in town and the couple had another trip with him I headed to find a bank to get the western union money sent to me. I walked in and out of banks trying to discover if they were the right bank.  Are you the bank with western union, nope unlike Italy who had a WU every couple of feet.  I finally found the right bank and after a little hitch I got my money.  
I found out the Ljubljana Castle was open and since it was still sunny decided to visit it so I took the Funicular Railway to  the top. The castle was interesting but nothing to write home about. 
Ljubljana Castle