Monday, May 27, 2013

A new country Slovenia

trieste fountain

The bus from Trieste to Ljubjlana runs twice a day one at 2.15 and one at 8 pm I originally planned on going to Ljubjlana on Sunday but luckily saw a travel post that the buses do not run on Sunday so I changed my trip to Monday and added a day to Padua instead.  I had the morning in Trieste so I walked around some more checked a few churches that I had seen but not visited and also walked along the Adriatic Sea some more. I also went to the station and got the bus ticket, to be sure  I had one.

I arrived at the bus station early still paranoid about getting a seat. There was no place to sit so had to stand and after awhile found I should be waiting in the bus garage as it would leave from there.  There were several people waiting a woman from Calif who was traveling around walking for 2 months I said you only have a backpack she said no her husband had come for a couple weeks so she had more, they were going to Bulgaria and Romania. A young man from Australia who when our bus finally arrived said oh it’s a modern bus I expected a rickety old bus and riding with chickens, haha.

I got a window seat for the 2 hour ride, I was very surprised that when we hit the boarder of Slovenia I was surprised that we went right through no one stopped us or checked for passports to anything I thought yikes that is not really secure.  Once we were in Slovenia the young man ahead of me started talking he first pointed out the village his father was from. It turns out he was from St Catherine's Ontario and he was there for a month to do WW II research and on weekends visit his cousins he told me so much on Slovenia he was obvious very proud of his heritage.

I was trying to find the hotel and it was a bit of walk from the train station and then I was not sure I was right street as it looked residential  and this young woman walked by me and then she walked back and said hello. I asked her about the hotel I said it was near the hospital she said oh the hospital is up there  and she walked with me until I was across from hotel then I thanked her she said my pleasure everyone here so nice.

I checked in really nice hotel it was new and very modern Hotel Meksiko which I was always trying to pronounce it turned out to be pronounced Mexico.  I walked to the old part of town which was about 20 minutes away.  I was starved at this point as had nothing since breakfast and a chicken kabob and a Pepsi and walked back and sat and ate it on the stairs of the pink church, it was yummy. I then walked around town snapping away since the sun was out and I knew rain was on the way for most of the rest of the week. I also went into the tourist board and booked my Lake Bled tour as Wed was suppose to be the last good day of the week  weather wise. I asked about an internet place I was unable to find one, I still did not find it.

Dragon Bridge Ljubjlana

Cathedral door

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