Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lake Bled Day Check

 The church has a 52 m (171 ft) tower and there is a stairway with 99 steps leading up to the building. The church is frequently visited and weddings are held there regularly. Traditionally it is considered good luck for the groom to carry his bride up the 99 steps on the day of their wedding before ringing the bell and making a wish inside the church.

Brekie was so good had a choice of  6 different items  and I had a veggie omelet with home made bread  so yummy it was included with the room which was nice as the breakfast cost between 5 and 7 euro. 
99 steps up

I had good day took tour to Lake Bled it was beautiful it was small tour only 3 people including me the I got to sit in front. It was personal, the guide was so nice and funny he make you laugh. His name was Yernie but he said if you wished you could call him Bart.  We visited the castle and then also the island on a Pletna boat “wooden ferry” and that was across a glacier lake so fun.
When we got to the church on the island we had to climb the famous 99 steps. I was a bit worried with my knee but no problem I was able to do it. The couple with me was from Calif and the woman took a beautiful photo of me with her IPAD and then emailed it to me. I will see it when I get to check email again.  I got Cricket out to pose with me with the Castle in the background and Yernie said whose that and I said Cricket my travel buddy and he loved him and then asked if he could take some photos of Cricket with my camera. . You could explore the church or look around and we only had about 30 mins that is the bad thing about tours so I decided just to look around and then as I was about to meet the tour a few people came up in Medieval  costumes to perform a show I snapped some photos before hurrying away.

Since I was in Lake Bled I wanted to try famous creme cake Kremna Rezina  as it is known to the locals so I went to the home of the original the Park Restaurant and Cafe and I had trouble getting waited on I waited so long and I went in to the restaurant to ask and a man if I could just get a slice and take it outside myself as they had a lot cut in a case but he said no I had to wait to have it outside.  He took my order and still did not get 14 minutes later cake and coffee so I went again the man was so sorry and I finally got it in time hastily eat and then another woman showed up with it again. I guess they felt bad they only charged me for the cake and gave me coffee for free. The waitress kept saying pay cake not coffee so finally figured what she meant. The cake was very yummy so I am glad I got to try it.
Kremna Rezina 
Our Guide was explaining different groups of people  Germantic Romance and who they are. He himself he said was a Romantic and I guess that would be the group I fall into very that group because they are very emotional. At one point he was discussing how accepting we should be of people and he said ok I am a 52 year old transvestite Muslim.. do you still like me..ha ha he was picking the worse things to say and I said but you are kind so I like you... He was so good I loved his stories too, but I felt like he was a bit on caffeine high as he never seemed to slow down, he would say any questions but you barely say a word when he was off to the next point. He loves doing this job as it makes him free to enjoy, while we had our hour to ourselves he said he was going to get a bike and ride around.


Pletna boats
Mother and "kids"

I was dropped off back in town and the couple had another trip with him I headed to find a bank to get the western union money sent to me. I walked in and out of banks trying to discover if they were the right bank.  Are you the bank with western union, nope unlike Italy who had a WU every couple of feet.  I finally found the right bank and after a little hitch I got my money.  
I found out the Ljubljana Castle was open and since it was still sunny decided to visit it so I took the Funicular Railway to  the top. The castle was interesting but nothing to write home about. 
Ljubljana Castle

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