Friday, May 17, 2013

She's back in London

See he couldn't wait to see me

What can I say I just can't resist a chance to spend time in London and a weekend sounded good to me. We got on the plane and I thought  wow leaving Philly on time for a change NOT they announced they could not start the engines and they called mechanics after awhile they said it was a starter and would be at least 2 hour so they opened the door to the jet way and next thing you know we were told to get off and bring our carry on.They said at least a 2 hour delay.

I was so tired so there were chairs lined up with arms but there was space I somehow managed to semi lay down and stretch out between the bars but after awhile uncomfortable. then I changed position with my head on the handles and dozed off came too all sore. so managed to change position again  to a total lay down with one arm at my tummy and slept. They got a starter from another plane and we were good to got so we hurried and boarded and we off 1 am 3 hours 10 mins late.

My seat partner was the most fascinating woman she is Muslim and a writer she has written 13 books and she was on her way to London to speak she was totally amazing and a beautiful person and full of such love and energy. She told me about her children home schooled and her 13 year old has written 7 books. she asked for my address to send me a book she wrote called I am not a terrorist.

I slept most of the flight after some wine, customs was so long but they got us through quickly and it was  Buffalo days.  First I spotted a sabres cap and then a bills cap they were together than I saw
Canisius high school shirt and it was another family from Buffalo as I said wow its amazing they let us all in at once.

I got to London around 3 and my cc did not work so that was a mess to be straightened out then I got my act together so go to St James.  ah heaven as the azaleas and rhodys are in blooms snap snap then the ducks saw a breed I had never seen.   I got my token on the bridge photo talked to squirrels of course they were happy to see me and posed.

Token bridge shot

colorful ducks at St James

My knee is holding up yea and walked quite a bit and got fish and chips wow was that huge think they gave me the wrong order walked back to Covent garden and sat and ate it was like twilight zone and I never left as I did that last October same exact spot.
fish chips cricket london who could ask for more

St James Park

One of the many red telephone box this one Covent Garden