Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday In London

Outside St Pauls

I headed over to St Paul's Cathedral as I wanted to attend part of the 11.30 sung Eucharist  I have not been inside St Paul's in years and never during a service. I first walked in and stood at the back but then decided to go in and find a place to sit. I did just that I also turned my video on to get a bit of footage not much was afraid of being caught I stayed for about 30 minutes. It was very enjoyable.

Then I headed to the Museum of London who celebrated their 10th anniversary the day before. There was a Michael Caine photo exhibit that I wanted to see, it was very good and had me in the mood to watch more of his movies. I also enjoyed the Pleasure Gardens  I have read so many books where people would go to the gardens so it was like being there because they did it really good seeing the people strolling and hearing their conversations.

After that it was off to Regents Park and a visit to the English Gardens that was nice as tulips were in bloom way to early for roses though.  Back to Oxford Street and a visit to Selfridges that store always fascinated me and now that there is a series on the man who started it made it more interesting. Their windows are always interesting and I enjoyed looking. 

Sun was finally out skies were blue so  I went off to Eros at Piccadilly I had got a sandwich at Marks and Spencers so I had that and just sat end enjoyed the people. I then decided blue skies and sunshine meant my 3rd visit to St James in as many days.  It was a nice way to end the evening and my last day in London for now. 

Royal Carriages Museum of London

English Garden Regent Park

Selfridges on Oxford St

Window at Selfridges

Pleasure Garden London Museum