Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wandering Milan in search of wifi

Duomo Milan

Milan seemed the best choice to fly to for my visit to Northern Italy, I guess it was a nice flight nothing memorable and I arrived in Milan late afternoon. I went to Western Union to pick up my money but was turned down my full name was not on the request, yikes it was quite upsetting so I spent the rest of the time trying to get all that worked out. I did walk by the Milan Cathedral

In the morning I headed out and a man called after me I stopped and he said water and my water bottle was leaking out of my bag I took it out and my camera. My camera had got a bit of water on it. I did not try it out at that point I assumed it was okay. I was headed 
to train station trying to use the wifi in various places sometimes it would work sometimes it wouldn't and sometimes die during a emailing. It was very upsetting as I wandered from place to place.

Not having much cash left as I roamed about I was thinking of sharing a spot on the street with someone or maybe I could put a cup out and sing and get the money they would throw at me to shut up. 
 I visited the Milan Cathedral and I can not say I was too impressed. The outside was nice and I took photos but the inside was all dark and gloomy. I now knew my NIKON did not work at first it was working but then started acting up. So now I had no cc no bank card and a Nikon that did not work and this was only Tuesday the first full week of my trip.

Castello Sforzesco

I then headed out in search of Castello Sforzesco I ran across some Africans selling things one when he knew I was from US asked me if I liked Obama I said I love Obama and he touched his heart and said Obama Obama. At that point he was trying to put a little string bracelet on me and I said no  I do not have money I lost my money and he kept saying no you take, it bring you luck lady.   I wandered around waiting for 3 pm and hopes of getting my money and finally I could get it. I treated myself to a gelato, chocolate of course. It was time to catch my train to Padua
gelato treat Milan Cathedral

Castello Sforzesco

Milan Cathedral

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