Thursday, May 23, 2013

I walked to Venice

I went back to Venice today  I had other plans but the more I thought of it the more my mind said Venice I had unfinished business.  When your 30 minutes by train and $11 RT how could you not go to Venice.

So on the spur of the moment I bought a ticket and then I anxiously waited for the ticket and change to come out of the machine it was taking FOREVER and I was worried I would miss the train and said come on to the machine, and the guy behind me said its thinking in Italian. The ticket finally came out and I hopped on the train just before it left then realized I had forgot about validating the ticket and panicked read a sign about looking for ticket person so I walked the entire train to find one last car and she took care of it.  I did not take the train to Venice I walked or so it felt like and each door I had to open some were pull some were push and I'd be pulling or pushing at the wrong standing between the cars where they connected sure was interesting NOT.

Santa Maria della Salute church

It was a bit cloudy when I arrived but by the time I walked out of the train station that was done. Wow what a day my unfinished business was down to the other end a place I saw on my quick vaporetto trip the day I was leaving saw this church.  So off I went and I saw so many new places. the sky was so unreal too it was blue with these light white clouds my fave sky I take puffy white clouds over clear blue skies any day. I was snapping photos like crazy and trying and hoping my SONY would do the trick since my NIKON died on Monday

I saw an Asian couple doing wedding photos her dress was unreal so I snapped photos they were doing it on one the many little bridges over a canal and it was fun to hear people reaction as they walked up the steps and suddenly saw them.

I walked and walked my knee being good I stopped at a grocery store and just got small order of roasted potatoes with garlic and sat by yet another canal. I have a memory after all because I did manage to find the spot from last year after several hours of walking without a map or anything.
a way to make money

I saw dog just laying on the ground like he was so dog gone tired he could not help it snap snap I watched school kids buying Venetian masks and happily trying on yes I took pics and videos bad girl. 
As the afternoon progressed more people were out in gondolas and there were so many in small areas of canals I kept saying traffic jam.  At one point I started filming and singing.. hey hey were are the gondolas people think we gondola around we are too busy rowing..........

I was starting to get hungry was thinking of food and saw a place kebab I ordered one but then I saw this photo of a pasta dish it looked yummy and veggie so despite the cost I said I will try this. Man oh man lets just say it was not veggie it was some kind of seafood and not the kind I know or am used to one of the things had all sorts of little legs or what the heck of course didn't touch that someday I will look into just what it was never ever do that again without finding out ahead of time.  Yes I ate most of it just not the legs thing shiver shiver looking into it now think it was squid YUK

I had a gelato yet again and yes another chocolata one the only thing is I find different kinds of chocolate every time. I wandered around some more and then  I decided to take an earlier train back to Padova.

Tomorrow I am off to Trieste cant wait Adriatic sea I am a coming.