Saturday, May 25, 2013

Trieste blue

I caught the 9.15 am train to Trieste I arrived to a down pour  so after getting to my hotel I bought  an umbrella it stopped raining works every time. It cleared up so went walking a bit had a chicken kebab horrid I might add walked a lot climbed 82 steps up to a church yes knee. It was actually the Cathedral of San Giusto and there was a small castle too, although it was not open.

I walked around just enjoying the town and then I spotted  Gelato Marco and had what else a Chocolate Gelato so original as I was leaving I heard a chorus of voices call out bye  bye and turned to see the people behind the counter waving, nice touch. I went and sat by the sea and watched a beautiful sunset and snapped away it was a very enjoyable way to end the day. I headed back to my hotel but found I was a bit hungry as had not had any dinner and it was around 9.30 pm when I am traveling I seldom think of food to busy enjoying things, and spotted a food truck near the Ferry terminal and bought some french fries they were the big greasy kind that I love. I sat on a railing and enjoyed.

Serb-Orthodox church of San-Spiridione

Grand Canal Trieste

I thought today seemed better silly me hahaha I got a bus to  Miramare castle and the sea., the Gulf of Trieste. They were getting ready for Green Day Concert as I was headed to the tourist place and I moved some "fences" as I walked to it and had people yelling at me. The woman at the tourist place was upset as it was very hard to get inside their office and she said they were not even told about the concert set up until that morning.  I had trouble buying a bus ticket the woman had no idea what a bus ticket was even tho I was in a tobacco shop  where they sell them ok guess she did not know what I was saying.  So I left and then asked a man at a nearby if he knew where I could get ticket her pointed to where I had been and I said the woman did not understand then  he walked back to the shop with me and told the woman I was buying bus ticket.

When I tried to find the right bus to take after walking to the bus station I could not find it so many  buses parked but none saying #6. I finally asked  driver sitting on a bus waiting to start his route  where #6 was he actually got off his bus and walked me back to the spot even tho it involved a bit of stairs  that was so kind of him.

Then I got to castle bus stop and the castle was no where to be found and no indication where it might be. There were other people who were looking  where to go no signs for castle tho this was the spot. It turns out we had to go to a different place as that area was blocked.  So we got back bus  got to other place and got off at another stop. I started to down man steps to the castle there were quite a lot and the couple called back to see if I was ok and I said yes.  

Miramare castle

I could see the castle in the distance so took my time strolling along the sea and just enjoying the sun. The  grounds were nice and sun a bit  I was taking photos on the pier like everyone else not exactly a pier it was this stone walkway out to the water and a lion at the end.  At one point all alone and a huge wave came out of nowhere and drenched me. I never saw or heard it coming and it was a total shock because there had not been any waves   it soaked one side of me  so I walked to spot to dry. Then the hell continues because the wave got my tablet which seemed dry  when I took it out of the bag i had it in the screen cover was a had little bubbles but it did not seem any water on tablet back or front and the case was a bit damp but not at any point of contact. I do not understand no water on it all I can think is it got in somehow from the case tho the case was not touching any part of openings. Not even a speck of water.  So now Nikon and tablet gone... a week to go so  I can just imagine what horrors now await me. 

Oh well not raining at this point.  I decided not to go into the castle continued on the grounds looking around at the gardens and then walked along the water back to catch the bus to town.

After this I went to my room and tried my Nikon yet again and guess what now it works I can not see the screen but it takes photos.  I went to a grocery store and bought some yummy chicken wings with a nice spice and sat by the bay and had my early dinner, can't be beat.

I took a bus just to go someplace and it started raining at that point so I went to the  end got off and on again, then back to my room checked the tablet to see if it worked, nope Green Day is playing outside so 100s of people not at the concert stand by the water listening. 
If the weather is not horrid want to take a boat to Muggia heard it is pretty plus the boat crossing the Adriatic sea.

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