Wednesday, November 11, 2015

You Say Its Your Birthday celebrating in Valencia

After a good breakfast I made a late morning start for my last full day in Valencia and also my birthday. I decided to head out and walk in the square near the Cathedral and snap some photos, on  the way  I discovered another church to go into.  I loved the Turia fountain in the Plaza  De le Virgin behind the Cathedral and then decided to try and head to the park area I had seen from the tour bus the day before. It was quite a lot further walk than I thought and with a slow walk I was able to find the area and sit and relax some.  I took a different route back and found a very interesting building.  I decided it to call it a day early evening as my leg was becoming unbearable for walking. All in all it was a nice visit to Spain and I would be heading home in the morning. 

pretty like park

loving the palm trees

Kewal Fountain in Park

Turia Fountain

The fountain represents the Turia river in human form surrounded by its tributaries

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hop on Hop Off to City of Arts and Sciences Valencia

I decided that today I was going to do a Hop Off and On Bus tour of Valencia my legs were just getting to bad to do much walking. The bus start was very close to my hotel so I purchased a ticket at the desk and headed off. I had seen most of the historic area because they were located close to my hotel. I decided on the route Maritime Valencia. The trip started out and most of the stops I decided against getting off, just enjoying from my seat.  I was lucky some people left and I was able to move to the front row of the top deck, I had somehow managed to climb up there despite my leg. Where there is a will there is a way. Arriving at the City of Arts I got off the bus. The buildings were amazing to look  at and the sun was hitting them just right and I was just impressed by the architecture. I had to walk quite a distance as there were a few building, I took photos of course but I do not feel that they did it justice. I really wanted to visit the Oceanografic Europe's biggest aquarium but I just did not feel up to it and was hoping to make it back the next day. They have 45,000 specimens of 500 different species.

The Agora

The Umbracle is a huge open access garden covering 17,000 where you can stroll around and take in a typical Mediterranean plants and contemporary sculptures  

the Assut de l'Or Bridge by Santiago Calatrava

Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, Opera House

The Hemisferic

I walked back to the bus stop which was quite a hike since I had gone quite far I was just too exhausted and really was unable to see Oceanografic up close. The bus arrived and I got on and headed to the final spot for me for that day. Unfortunately the actual stop was not that interesting and it was just too far for me to walk back to an area I saw from the bus. I had to wait awhile for a bus and one finally came.  I saw other areas that were closer to where I was staying.  My birthday is tomorrow and I decided to celebrate with a nice dinner tonight I had a lovely steak dinner and enjoyed.

My birthday dinner

Monday, November 9, 2015

Valencia Spain

train station
Next up for me was Valencia I only had two and a half days there so I caught a late morning train.  I arrived in Valencia early afternoon and had to try and get to my hotel that was close by I asked a patrol woman working outside the station what direction the hotel was and she went and got a map for me and pointed the direction. It was about a 15 walk I arrived at the hotel and was able to check in. I went up to my room and I was very happy to see the room had a lovely view of the square it was an odd shaped room it sort of went into a triangle it was small and cozy. 
View from my room
I walked back towards the train station as I had seen the City Hall that and wanted to take some photos I was able to walk inside and then there was a balcony I could climb the stairs too at this point my leg was getting very painful and I was able to ride an elevator to the balcony I enjoyed the view and took some photos. 

inside city hall

The city hall

I then headed down and walked towards Plaza de Virgin and the Cathedral quarter. The Cathedral was quite impressive it was built on the site of a Roman temple which later became a mosque.  The architecture was a combination of Romanesque and baroque, I went inside and bought a ticket to walk around.  Afterwards walked around the area, there was a really neat fountain. 

over the entrance
ceiling in a chapel