Sunday, November 8, 2015

Alicante beach town La Vila Joiosa

I decided today was a good day to explore outside Alicante and took a tram to El Campbello and and found my way to the waterfront. I have to say there was nothing really much there and after having something to drink and a potty break it was back to the tram. I passed a pretty church but it was not open. 

the sea at El Campbello

Looking at the map I decided to travel on to La Vila Joiosa (Villajoyosa) I got on the tram and tried to buy a ticket but I could not get it to work. An elderly English man on the tram told me not to bother that he had an annual pass and that I could travel on his and he would get his money's worth. We had a nice chat. 

Upon arriving I set out and the first area I came across was an area that was sort of a gorge looking down was quite nice but the colorful houses on the sides made is an impressive view. 
colorful house 

Interesting lampost
down to the water

I walked down a steep embankment to the waterfront and was happy to see the colorful buildings I strolled along the beach for awhile and decided it was time to eat. I choose a little place with a menu that included wine and a meal for 10 euro. I noticed my waiter had a really neat peace symbol on, I commented on it and he said few people know English around here so they do not know what it says. We chatted awhile and he came from Italy. The meal was quite good.  After that I just strolled along the beach and just enjoyed the sun and left a bit before sunset it was a good day.
My cafe


Colorful signs

cute recycler