Wednesday, November 11, 2015

You Say Its Your Birthday celebrating in Valencia

After a good breakfast I made a late morning start for my last full day in Valencia and also my birthday. I decided to head out and walk in the square near the Cathedral and snap some photos, on  the way  I discovered another church to go into.  I loved the Turia fountain in the Plaza  De le Virgin behind the Cathedral and then decided to try and head to the park area I had seen from the tour bus the day before. It was quite a lot further walk than I thought and with a slow walk I was able to find the area and sit and relax some.  I took a different route back and found a very interesting building.  I decided it to call it a day early evening as my leg was becoming unbearable for walking. All in all it was a nice visit to Spain and I would be heading home in the morning. 

pretty like park

loving the palm trees

Kewal Fountain in Park

Turia Fountain

The fountain represents the Turia river in human form surrounded by its tributaries