Sunday, November 1, 2015

Royal Palace of Aranjuez

A short train ride from the center of Madrid is Aranjuez with its Royal Palace and gardens Jardin de a Isla the weather was back and forth between blue skies and clouds but I did have enough clear skies to enjoy. The Palace was a bit of a hike from the train station. Upon arrival I decided to treat myself to a chocolate pastry and coffee before I set off to explore.

The gardens, were a treat and free to explore with statues and fountains but being fall there were not many flowers in bloom but none the less I enjoyed it.  The one fountain was being worked on. i since discovered Aranjuez had been hit by strong winds in September. I decided to buy a ticket and go into the Palace some of the rooms were closed for restoration but the ones I saw were pretty nice and I managed to get a few photos.

Ceres Fountain at Parterre Garden

Fuente de Hercules e Hidra

colorful walls

I stopped at the Royal Church of San Antonio a chapel dedicate to Saint Antony of Padua which Ferdinand VI of Spain had built.  After that it was time to have some dinner and I checked a few places and I settled on a place that serviced both Kabobs and Indian food and I decided to order lamb curry with a side of nana bread with cheese it was quite yummy. I had a talk with the owner who liked the fact that I was from the US.

Royal Church of San Antonio

a top the palace gate

such a face

lamb curry

train station

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