Thursday, November 5, 2015

Through the streets of Alicante Spain

Looking up to the Castle on the hill
The Mediterranean Sea was for my goal for my second week in Spain and I decided to visit Alicante.  The weather was awesome after the cooler gloomy rainy weather in Madrid so it was a very welcome change. I choose a hotel that was across from the train station, so I was able to get in late afternoon check in and explore just a bit. 

In the morning I set off on the bus to visit Santa Barbara Castle which was across from the sea. Admission is free but the ride to the top is not, however I was able to travel for free as a Senior. It is on top of Mount Benacantil  and it is one of the largest medieval fortress in Spain built in the 9th century by Muslims. The views from the Castle were superb and I was enjoying the sun at last. Children were being having a tour and they were given capes to wear while the leaders told them stories.

Kids listening to stories and getting involved

cat hanging in the castle

Cricket on top

view from the Castle

After visiting the castle I walked back to the old town and through the streets of Plaza del Carmen which were beautiful, I walked up to the Basilica of Santa Maria and down narrow alleyways and up many stairs. I sat and rested for awhile in square where the little fountains put on a little show, and the I continued on.  There were a lot of outdoor cafes set up for lunch and I was getting hungry from all my walking. I spotted one where the menu was in both Spanish and English and the man there was so sweet he welcomed me with to the table and I ordered my lunch. It was a great meal of soup and a glass of white wine and  Paella and a dessert could not beat 10 euro at the Restaurant Casa Mayor.  I returned to the restaurant several days later and the man welcomed me with open arms and I had another meal this time it was beef steak a huge salad and of course a glass of white wine.

The Basilica of Santa Maria

dancing fountains

owners of the restaurant 
oh so yummy

Another day I came back and walked along the beach into the water just a bit and explored the streets again. I found the Cathedral and it was open so I was able to walk around and I walked the colorful area near the sea. While I was waiting to take the bus back I was counting my change a woman saw me counting my change and asked if I was short and did I need money for the bus fare, I assured her I had enough.  
colorful tiles makes walking a bit dizzy

 San Nicholas Cathedral

beautiful ceiling of San Nicholas Cathedral
the Courtyard at the Cathedral

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