Friday, November 6, 2015

A day in the sun Benidorm

I decided to do a day trip to Benidorm and discovered the way to get there was by tram; luckily the tram station was about a 20 min walk from my hotel. There was a marathon going on and I had to walk through the Marathon  to get to the station.  It took about an hour to get there on the tram and I enjoyed the views along the Mediterranean, some of the areas we passed through were beautiful.  I arrived and started walking downhill not really sure where I was going, I saw the sea in the distance,  but I decided to head for the Old Town. When I got there I was struck by the amount of people from England I was surrounded by English accents. I did not realize it was a major mecca for the Brits. It was a very strange experience knowing I was in Spain, and hearing those accents.

 I made my way through the crowds of people and all the little shops selling things.   I found a pretty top for only 4 euro in one of the many little shops and I also bought a cheap watch because the one I had bought for the trip had fell out of my bag. I walked by the sea and just enjoyed the sunshine. It was a bit shock to see so many topless women especially with all the children around. I have to say one thing that they sure most be comfortable with their bodies with the number wearing bikinis that were heavier than me and one woman just plain stripped down on the beach and got dressed.  I just enjoyed the colors of the sea and walked past many bars that were full of people drinking and dancing in the streets. I saw a man that was making a Castle out of sand and I dropped some coins in his box and snapped some photos. 

I had spotted some chocolate crepes so I decided to have one it was sooo good and walking some more I needed water and then decided to have a salad and sat on some stairs and had it. After a few hours I decided to head back and walked along the water for awhile. I was not positive I was going in the right direction and asked a man who ran a small tourist train and he pointed  the way back to the train station and even gave me a map. It was quite a hike back but I am glad I went that way as I saw another area of Benidorm.

up the stairs to nowhere

Cricket by the sea

sand castle being built

Christmas decorations already up

Doving the light pole