Monday, November 9, 2015

Valencia Spain

train station
Next up for me was Valencia I only had two and a half days there so I caught a late morning train.  I arrived in Valencia early afternoon and had to try and get to my hotel that was close by I asked a patrol woman working outside the station what direction the hotel was and she went and got a map for me and pointed the direction. It was about a 15 walk I arrived at the hotel and was able to check in. I went up to my room and I was very happy to see the room had a lovely view of the square it was an odd shaped room it sort of went into a triangle it was small and cozy. 
View from my room
I walked back towards the train station as I had seen the City Hall that and wanted to take some photos I was able to walk inside and then there was a balcony I could climb the stairs too at this point my leg was getting very painful and I was able to ride an elevator to the balcony I enjoyed the view and took some photos. 

inside city hall

The city hall

I then headed down and walked towards Plaza de Virgin and the Cathedral quarter. The Cathedral was quite impressive it was built on the site of a Roman temple which later became a mosque.  The architecture was a combination of Romanesque and baroque, I went inside and bought a ticket to walk around.  Afterwards walked around the area, there was a really neat fountain. 

over the entrance
ceiling in a chapel