Monday, July 5, 2010

On my way home

Heading to the airport in a bit it has been a good trip saw and did so much England Scotland Wales and Belgium I am ready to go now and get on with life this saga of Steppin outta my shoes is ending for now. I am anxious to see my photos now and will be uploading and the like so it helps with the memories it was hard to leave my cousins again we live so far apart

I will be adding photos to my days on the road during the next few weeks its been a grand time.  Some photos from Manchestergrand time.  Some photos from Manchester

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A visit to Alderbury and Wales

Review of my visit to Alderbury

I took the train to Shrewsbury and it was a nice ride and my cousins met me and they took me back to Alderbury we had a nice tea and just visited and later it was dinner and the wine was flowing freely as you can see.

My cousin Michael did not feel that well on Saturday so he stayed at the house and Margie and Deric and I went to Wales to visit House. It was really interesting we spent awhile going through the house and then through the gardens. We stopped back to see if Michael was feeling better; he was a bit but not to going out for dinner so we went out. I had fish and chips as a nice place and when we got home we made a stop at the village fete first time attending one of those. I bought a few books by one of my fave authors really cheap and had some Molly's punch which was quite good actually think I will pass out now thank you very much.


After that went in and watched some video of Margie's grand 
kids and talked. In the AM Michael was better so we just spent the day chatting and having a nice dinner and it was time to go back to Manchester before you knew it. I got there ok had a bit of trouble finding the place but finally did. After taking the lift up to my room I went out to explore a bit and to do some candy shopping and some more fish and chips how could I resist another shot a cod fish my fave. Went in and to sleep as the morn was soon approaching.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mini London day

 I only had about 4 hours today ran around on the tube London was cooler walked along the Thames so I could say goodbye to Big Ben especially as I had not seen him this trip. I also stopped along Trafalger Square and it was the day after the Canada Day celebrations and they had been selling Buffalo wings so had my photo taken.

St James again and today was loverly one of the pelicans was out of the water just laying along the walk so I took pics there were some boys maybe aged 12 with what might have been a teacher they could not believe the pelican and one boy  was so upset he had no camera. The pelican was ok with you petting it and liked it so the boy and his friend were thrilled.  The one kept saying he likes me and the lady... (me) anyway I offered to take pics and emailed them well they could not be more thrilled esp the one I think his name was Jordan.  I took a couple  shots separate and together with the pelican. I will be sending some I sat down on the ground to pet the pelican and he used my camera to take me.

I had my final ice cream before catching the train to Shrewsbury to visit my cousins there for a couple of days glad to be relaxing and catching up.

One of the many unusual looking birds in St James Park

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Demonstrations near Westminster


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back in Brugge

In Bruges what a glorious day      

I took the bus back to Bruges then I locked my luggage up. I rented a bike for an hour that was something else I was so shaky but I got the hang of it. Although a few times I was out in the street panicking. I mainly rode on some park paths they had for bikes. At first I could not get into it and I would jump off the bike rather than stop it properly but it came back to me. Just like riding a bicycle you never forget.
Then I went and did a canal cruise it was good but there were some Japanese tourists and the guide starts to talk and only 3 of them and were they loud so he said you Japanese you shut up so people can hear what I say. It was a 30 min cruise but it was nice. I walked around some more and also got Belgium chocolate at the chocoholic shop. I also had an ice cream to hold me to dinner in London and it was the best most creamest ice cream ever if I had it earlier I would have had a few dozen more. Then the train to Brussels and the Chunnel to London. I checked into my b and b he said welcome back as I was there a few days before and went out to have my last lamb kabob. I did my shopping for home Cadbury bars and some bisquits checked my mail and said good night to London.

I got some one to take my picture

Cricket along the Canal