Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back in Brugge

In Bruges what a glorious day      

I took the bus back to Bruges then I locked my luggage up. I rented a bike for an hour that was something else I was so shaky but I got the hang of it. Although a few times I was out in the street panicking. I mainly rode on some park paths they had for bikes. At first I could not get into it and I would jump off the bike rather than stop it properly but it came back to me. Just like riding a bicycle you never forget.
Then I went and did a canal cruise it was good but there were some Japanese tourists and the guide starts to talk and only 3 of them and were they loud so he said you Japanese you shut up so people can hear what I say. It was a 30 min cruise but it was nice. I walked around some more and also got Belgium chocolate at the chocoholic shop. I also had an ice cream to hold me to dinner in London and it was the best most creamest ice cream ever if I had it earlier I would have had a few dozen more. Then the train to Brussels and the Chunnel to London. I checked into my b and b he said welcome back as I was there a few days before and went out to have my last lamb kabob. I did my shopping for home Cadbury bars and some bisquits checked my mail and said good night to London.

I got some one to take my picture

Cricket along the Canal