Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Damn long way to Damme

I tried to find a place to rent a bike,  I had seen a few yesterday but now there were none. So much for that.  I got all messed up today and I went for the boat to Damme, first took the bus but when I got to the spot no clue where the boat was leaving from there were no signs so I was walking in circles and I finally found it and of course missed the boat. I saw another boat was leaving in about 20 mins but I soon realized it was the boat time from Damme not to Damme. I was not the only one making this mistake some people with handi-caped children were waiting too. It was another 90 mins wait and I decided to walk I knew by a sign it was about 3 miles in the end a bit longer. I did it in around an hour or so at times i wondered it was worth it but it was as it was a pretty Medieval town they had a windmill and some unusual trees near it.

I was hungry and it was after 3 so I had a sandwich turns out it was really big so I ate about 2/3 and saved the rest of it for later, it was really delicious had some local ham and cheese and all sorts of veggies including some tiny little onions. One of the best  sandwiches ever.
I continued looking around the town and in some shops it was small but interesting.
I discovered you could take a bus directly back to Brugge The canal boat trip I missed out on was not worth it since I had already walked along the canal so I did take the bus and then I had to stop and get my suitcase to get the bus to my Castle.

I ran across this interesting set of "statues" along the canal



No wonder I got confused