Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Lovely day best day trip by far I went on the bus on my own I was there overnight in 2003 and I saw Campbell Castle and vowed to return one day. I  ran across a sign saying a man  named Niall  would do walking tours so went in to check he wasn't available so I agreed to check back after 3.
Jelly fish
I walked over to the water and out on a dock and someone was looking at some jelly fish and pointed them out to me I took some pics and managed to loose my camera lens as it fell off and over board into the water.

I went to the castle it was beautiful  and it was interesting to look around and there was one friendly guide so I asked him what the connection to the castle which is the home of the duke of Argyll and the clan Campbell and Campbeltown. as it turned out he  was from there so told him I was a Macca fan and we talked about PAUL he told me years ago his cousin was asked byPAUL to water his parsley at his farm once a week.... well me knowing things figured it out the parsley was pot and he got caught but he got off. Of course I remember when this happened. I just love how the McCartney connections kick in.
Campbell Castle

He asked if I saw the Linda McCartney statue in town and I said no I was there in the 80's (when I flew over on a 6 seater but that is another story)he said it is lovely he said the people of Campbell town loved Linda as she was so down to earth and friendly and they felt so bad when she died
tea and scones at the Castle

The gardens were okay there was not much is bloom yet and  some of the "Rhodies" were already dead probably cos of the heat. I went to the tea shop and treated myself to cream tea and scones man lots of cream strolled around some more just relaxing. I walked back to town and ran into 2 woman sitting on a bench by the water so chatted quite awhile the one very chatty she told me Paul McCartney played Glasgow for the first time in 20 years I said I know I was there she said well was he any good and I said yes and she said sure you'd say that cos your a fan and seems she does not like him

The guide showed up he had to be at least 80 years as he told me he has been married 55 year, he used to work at the Castle, he had a kilt  on he was grand nice slow walk and story telling tho he was a tad forgetful on some. I could not believe he was willing to do the walking tour with only one person, I gave him a nice big tip. Had a little dinner was not very hungry but had a sandwich and it was not too good some kind of sausage, I relaxed by the water till the bus came.