Monday, June 21, 2010

Off to Loch Lommond bonny bonny banks

Cute little guy in Aberfoyle

Well off early hard to do as got to bed after 1 am with the Paul concert so I had to get up before 8 to have a quick breki I had 9.30 tour and its about 20 min fast walk.

We stopped at Loch Lomond it was nice but not as good as I thought it would be but then again it was a quick stop just in one area. Then we headed for Aberfoyle to make a lunch stop and there was a man with some owls I decided to pay 3.50£ to hold a owl and have my photo taken with it helps feed the birds and take care of them guess they are from some place the one I choose was beautiful. I just had a quick ice cream and looked around still full from breki tho only had scrambled eggs beans and 1 slice of toast.

We then took the tour of Loch Katrine well worth it was beautiful scenery and the boat ride was nice then it was off to Sterling Castle that was so worth the 8 pounds to get in, there was really  nothing to see with the palace part closed for renovation unreal they would charge that I should have just looked around town that looked more interesting.
All in all a nice outing and saw some nice scenery on the drive so glad I decided to go.


Cemetery at Sterling

Stirling Castle from below