Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cardiff return

Cardiff Castle
  I felt a tad sick in the morning  not to fond of Cardiff so far long train ride from Glasgow hated leaving. I sat with a couple from Aussie they were nice, she lent me a pen and told me keep it she was writing a diary they had been traveling for a couple months, lucky people.

I got in had trouble finding the hostel but  ran into a girl walked me part of the way checked in and went in search of food all I had since breki was half a candy bar and 3 cookies. I couldn't find many places to eat finally splurged on steak and chips dinner and wine, in a nice restaurant.  I later found more places to eat phew mainly just walked around to see where things were.

Some guy came in my room last night all I can guess it the door wasn't locked thought it was so need to find out how to be sure it is locked. I yelled how did you get in here and he just stood there and mumbled I could not catch what he said he was half asleep I am near one of the toilets so think that's where he thought he was lucky he did not pee on me.

I feel better now walked around checked on Macca tickets decided to visit the castle maybe did it in 1972 who knows I recognize a clock tower in town and a park that's all folks. The sun was in all morning yea but now it is out desperate for clothes, because of the heat only have one pair of capris so I bought some capris at a thrift store. Tomorrow time for Costello have a fantasy that PAUL and Nancy will show and be sitting next to me hey what can I say oh yea its my dream I  can make it what I want.