Friday, June 25, 2010

Golfing ghosts rolling men chat in Wales

decided to go to Castell Coch today after tea and toast at the hostel headed off. I caught the bus to the town near the castle well got there okayand started looking for the road to the castle supposedly 10 min walk could see the castle up high; so I asked a man walking the dog and he said well its a long hike but go up to the roundabout and just past see a fence well I did and the area was hilly and woody and no sign even so I am thinking what the heck so I start up man was it steep and wooded and I was sweating and I kept thinking man this is unreal and if I collapsed who will find me.

Castell Coch

Finally after about 20 mins found the top (very steep) and now wait for it I had to climb over a fence that was trampled to the ground and over branches now to do this had to climb this little mound and let me tell you not easy (Lor ya never would have made it) so I get over it and where am I? are you ready on a golf course! I saw a couple playing golf and they told me how to get to the road so had to be careful of flying golf balls I kid you not man that man must have been pulling my leg.

I finally found the castle after a quick round of golf (hahaha) some man had hit a ball and I pointed it out to him where it landed and he said I hope you dint see that swing I assured him I was too worn out and short of breath.

I finally got there and paid my admission the chap at the gate (quite cute i might add asked if I was ok as I looked exhausted so I told him my tale). The castle was lovely but since all climbing had to take a break in the ladies room I was sweating like a pig. Then I had an ice cream to cool down normally don't have ice cream at 11.30 in the morning.

The trip was worth it the rooms were gorgeous I took a lot of pictures the walls were all colorful and many had animals painted on the wall like monkeys. A woman named Ann was dusting the bedroom so we started chatting and she was the sweetest thing she was 5 foot nothing and told me how Micky Rooney came there once and he was shorter than me can ye imagine? she said it was suppose to be all hush hush but how could it be everyone knows him told me all sorts of tales about ghost I asked if I could take her pic she showed me orbs on some of my pics. I took her pic she was all pleased I asked (I had videoed her dusting earlier she didn't notice).

After I headed out there were two men walking about and they were huge the reason I
mention that is because the one wanted his photo taken and the friend decided to lay on the ground and he kept trying to get a good shot he'd pull himself up to a post and put the camera on it this was unreal I was waiting for a camera man to yell CUT it was like a John Candy movie he even rolled over to try a better one. I managed to snap a few shots watch this space.

I headed back to  Cardiff and just had the best cod fish and chips but it was huge had to throw out some chips the guy running it was a friendly sort he may have been Italian I loved watching him chat with people he was clearly enjoying his job, and seemed to know everyone.

I was off to Cardiff Bay next back didn't stay long way to hot and I am burned I was sweating like crazy bought a Popsicle cool down talked to a man who just got back from 4 months working in south America. I just love how people start chatting when they hear your accent. it always makes it more interesting.


This was the route I kid you not