Saturday, June 19, 2010


looking for Nessie See I found him

Breki was nice a woman from China wanted me to sit with her and have breakfast with her I did it was interesting conversation but I had such a little time had to rush to catch my tour bus and she was going back to China that day, so I would not see her again too bad would have loved to talk to her a bit more.

Chances of Seeing Nessie
The trip to "Nessie" was good (Loch Ness) but so many places I would have loved tp stop but of course you can't we did stop a few places like Loch Lommon and Glen Coe got some good pics I think the weather was great and the cruise was nice I saw "Nessie" photos to follow the driver was crabby he kept getting mad a traffic and he was swearing a few times he no patience for any one on a bike or anyone who was Chinese he kept complaining about them and there were some on our bus that was so ignorant; he was constantly swearing. We made a stop at Loch Lomond Took the boat trip to see Loch Ness and also see Urquhart Castle. We were running too late to take the trip that stopped there.

Urquhart Castle.

I met a guy on the tour (when I ran up to catch the tour bus I was wearing my All Shook Up tee shirt and he said your all shook up) who was going to see PAUL too and he was taking his 2 kids they were touring Europe for 3 weeks including a week in Corfu anyway we talked off and off and he took my pic when we made stops he always offered so that was good. I wish I had taken a photo of him and his kids. I had fish in chips at a Pitlochry at the end of the tour and walked around it was a pretty town.

another great weather day and I guess the same tomorrow so will go to Stirling castle an Loch Lomond for a cruise I will go to Inverary on my own Tuesday on the local bus

I think I am in the time zone maybe ; taking it easy before the concert since MACCA can be tiring :)