Sunday, June 20, 2010


I did walk around Glasgow in the morning   I then went back to my room to cool down and change for the concert. I was to meet my friend Moira from Glasgow but missed her. I ran into Dan and his kids from the day before and pointed out the location of the train station to them.  I hung around and finally went over wound up on the same train/car so we chatted again. When I got there got my ticket and decided I was way too early but I was afraid of the line for the tickets, might be long. I went and had a ice cream. (always time for ice cream)

I decided to have a glass of wine before the show a first for me and then I was going back to potty again and we were not allowed back as the "artist" was due to arrive he went a different way in the end.

What can I say he still has it I was surprised how close 12th row center was and I was 2 seats off dead center and 90% I had a clear view. he liked my sign Your Music Heals My Soul he beamed away and I got an ok sign and he looked over a bit after that and did a point finger thing during Helter Skelter he was looking at me and was copying my hand motion. he was looking towards me during and I love her. really I had no one in front of me it pretty much clear view most of the time it was like we had direct contact.

I took loads of photos with my new Sony think I will have some good ones once I play with the lighting.  it was great to see him do 1985 oh mama oh and when he was at piano I had a perfect side view and when he played his multi color one he was dead in front on. oh Jasus oh they showed my sign on the screen during HeyJude and the guy in front of me took photos of it afterwards.

He did a loud hoot after Mull Kintrye he just let it rip like he could not help it he was beaming away photos to follow