Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hyde Park or Bust

Early morning bus to London so had to get up early before 6 am and was down for breki at 7 am had a quick breakfast grabbed my luggage and headed out I was early to the station and knew it only took about 20 mins even with luggage but didn't want to take a chance. It was an express bus with only a stop or two near to Victoria station where I grabbed the underground to my B and B and checked in.

Today was PAUL in Hyde Park it was already pretty hot so I went to check my email and get a ticket and they were no longer available on line so I had a quick lamb kabob and headed for Hyde park I was so afraid I would not get a ticket that I bought one from someone selling them for Face Value was wondering why turns out they were available after all.

Elvis Costello was on stage so I headed over and got to hear the other song I really love Angels Want to Wear my Red shoes. Then went to get out of the heat for a bit it was really bad. I used the toilets but also saw something different they had a bunch set up near the water and turned out to be out door urinals and then men were just standing there using them out in the open and only slightly blocked.

I had an ice cream and sat in what shade I could find which meant on the ground later found a bench. I headed over to see Crosby Stills Nash and I left before they ended to again get out of the sun as I could hear them. Then I thought best eat something before PAUL came on and got some chips and got an idea to put mayonnaise on them yummy. I noticed PAUL pre-show starting and said he’s on next and he was so stood to the side of the stage it wasn’t a great spot or horrid it was ok.

However when PAUL came on things were bad there was a fan that was yelling out stuff in a very hard accent sounded German tho at one point he said he was from Holland he had a bratty kid along around 10 he was obnoxious he would constantly scream that he could not see then his dad would hold him on his shoulders or his mom would pick him up and he would get mad. It went on and on and on it was ruining the show. He threw a screaming tantrum at one point if this wasn’t enough dad would name every song and say if it was a Beatles song or wings or whatever everyone near me was upset they finally decided to leave after the kid started another tirade I did a little applause everyone was happy this was about 45 mins into the show and terribly distracting.

PAUL was great as usual he did Ram On again and he also started singing Tequila and then he said he didn’t know why he did that but it sounded good. He had a blast and seemed so happy with it all at one point he said we should all sleep out in the park. I am for that.
Hard to see it end but it did end and I managed to get to the Underground reasonably quick and was back in my room before midnight.