Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My castle Castle Ten Berghe

Well first I missed the bus as I was standing on the wrong side of the Centrum where the bus leaves from,  why the sign was on the other side where it is drop off beats me I panicked as I would be late; because I had told them around 6 pm, kept trying to call. The phone number would not work and  some people came up and tried to help me and it seemed I needed to dial country code phew they were okay with me being a bit late.

 I got off the bus and no clue as to where the Castle was I could not see it so I walked around and finally saw a sign "Ten Berghe" which I knew was the address and it is about 15 mins more walk the castle (small paved road hard on the suitcase) was smaller than I expected it but it was beautiful it was surrounded by water and there were swans and ducks I took loads of pics walked around the grounds and inside was really great too more pics. My room was on the 2nd floorthis is not a modern hotel by means but they had the greatest shower, I have ever seen that also had a little seat in it to get water shot at you from all sides. You could buy beer in this room by the chapel (gives a new meaning to Holy Water) so I got me a bottle of Belgium beer just to try some it was good sat in my castle and then sat outside and enjoyed peace and quite.

I then was taking photos with my  camera set on timer and got some and a woman offered to take some so I got brave and pulled out my crown; (I had a nickname at my job BOR Queen and one year a girl presented me with a crown so I brought it for my castle stay) the woman thought it was fun and took some pics. I slept good and then had breki which was cold cuts and all sorts of rolls and decided to have coffee for a change it was good and also juice and fruit and eggs, there was a little paper with my name on it front of my plate I was the first one there at 8.30.
I took the bus back to town but walked down the wrong path so I missed it the first bus, as I wound up in a field.  I finally found my way out and the woman from last night and her aunt were waiting for the bus. She was visiting from China so we sat on the bus together and had a nice chat.

CastleTen Berghe

dining room

Comfy bed

fancy bathroom

Even Cricket got into the Royal mood