Monday, June 28, 2010

Elephants in the gardents

Well this am I got up early despite yesterday and Hyde park and late night. I went to Hyde park first and walked
around took photos of the flowers and also of where the concert was. Then to off to St James by then the heat was kicking in and it was not quite noon yet some. Somehow I lost my make shift lens cover which was a cloth cover and rubber band I had been using might have been when I was taking a photo of some guy on the bridge kind of think I put it in my pocket, and it fell out? Just guessing. I love St James Park it is my very Park in the world I can never get enough of it I fell in love with it on my first trip over 30 years ago I have managed to visit it on every trip to London, starting in 1971.

Man the water was bad it was all green algee from this horrid and i mean horrid heat wave. There were guys in the water clearing it out
had an ice cream to try and cool down sat and watched birds then realized my cap was gone went and retraced my steps to no avail.

Then I decided to go to see the elephants well they were gone from Green Park so got directions at the tube for Chelsea royal hospital which was tube then bus but it was the wrong Chelsea hospital (Madam there is nothing Royal about us) so had to bus to the other one met a woman doing the same thing well it was wonderful I took tons of pics and also got burnt to a crisp if you have heat intolerance you'd understand but i had chills so the sun was getting to me.

I went and had my lamb shiskabob and then up to my room to lay by the fan for 30 mins and now here at the internet will head over to Regents Park in a few mins I had planned so much for today but the heat has been brutal with no let up in sight. Trying to be happy no rain but would trade some for less heat.

clearing the algee in St James

what can I say I have a thing for Squirrels