Saturday, June 26, 2010

PAUL McCartney in Cardiff

The first day I checked to try and get a decent ticket they only had one floor seat (pit as they called it) and it was not that good. The woman told me to come back on Saturday so I was there bright and early but had to wait in the long line of people picking up their tickets. They still had nothing good she said I could check back later and maybe something would show. I checked a travel agency that had tickets and also a ticket place nothing any good.

I went back several more times and then ran into Kathy from Wales I know. Well seems PAUL was arriving soon for sound check so I sat and tried to eat my lamb pasties that I had grabbed earlier and was now getting cold. He finally was arriving and I almost missed him if I had not seen John Hamel in the car. So I moved and for some reason the crowd sort of parted in an effort to see him and I had a dead view of the car as it drove by he was just turning in his seat to get a view out of the open window. He saw me and gave me a big smile. Be still my heart. The whole thing was sur real as in he was there and he was turning and it looked like he was sitting as something to make him turn. What you see when you see PAUL.

I went back several more times for tickets and the last time they gave me a comp ticket yup a free ticket I was shocked they did that and it was a pretty good seat. I went back to my hostel to change and head out ran across a girl trying to find a hotel I dint know where it was but a few minutes later actually saw it and went back to get her she was dressed in pink with a pink suitcase and I kept yelling girl in pink, Finally got her she was so thankful I went and got her but someone helped me where I was going my first day

PAUL was great what can I say and Cricket danced like a mad man during Hey Jude I managed to get fairly close to the stage during that and the last encore I managed to get 10th row after the show people were stoping for fish and chips or just chips so I decided to join in and get chips and eat on my way back to the hostel a couple young guys coming out saw my tshirt and they said oh did you go see PAUL too? great show