Sunday, July 4, 2010

A visit to Alderbury and Wales

Review of my visit to Alderbury

I took the train to Shrewsbury and it was a nice ride and my cousins met me and they took me back to Alderbury we had a nice tea and just visited and later it was dinner and the wine was flowing freely as you can see.

My cousin Michael did not feel that well on Saturday so he stayed at the house and Margie and Deric and I went to Wales to visit House. It was really interesting we spent awhile going through the house and then through the gardens. We stopped back to see if Michael was feeling better; he was a bit but not to going out for dinner so we went out. I had fish and chips as a nice place and when we got home we made a stop at the village fete first time attending one of those. I bought a few books by one of my fave authors really cheap and had some Molly's punch which was quite good actually think I will pass out now thank you very much.


After that went in and watched some video of Margie's grand 
kids and talked. In the AM Michael was better so we just spent the day chatting and having a nice dinner and it was time to go back to Manchester before you knew it. I got there ok had a bit of trouble finding the place but finally did. After taking the lift up to my room I went out to explore a bit and to do some candy shopping and some more fish and chips how could I resist another shot a cod fish my fave. Went in and to sleep as the morn was soon approaching.