Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Bonfires of Saint John (Spanish: Hogueras de San Juan, Catalan Spain) Alicante

One of the most interesting museums I have visited  in my travels is the Museo De Las Hogueras/Alicante Festival Museum located in Alicante Spain. The museum was full of many interesting "ninots indultados" effigies that managed to escape the flames. I enjoyed seeing the examining  and they were quite colorful. I had to walk through the rooms several times to enjoy the various displays.

 St John's Eve (is the eve before the Feast Day of St John the Baptist) is a Fiesta celebrated in Alicante Spain. People celebrate by making effigies using paper mache that are burnt in bonfires lit during the the festival. Bonfires are lit usually around midnight both on beaches and land and occasionally a dummy is placed at the top representing a witch or devil. A bonfire is an artistic creation and a critique of the social, political and economic situation of the world in general. Some of the ones on display are below.

Las Sirenas Paco Lopez Albert  1994

The Beauty

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