Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ljubjlana an enchanting city

tour group pose see me front row

I had my 'usual' breki of ham and cheese omelet the cheese is so darn good.  I headed in to town it was not quite raining about to. I decided to try a different route and to center of town I found a pretty church and thought I had a shortcut but I got turned around and went way out of the way  and had to find my way back to center of town.  I went to the internet place that I had finally found and caught up on mail and things. 

I wanted to do The Original Ljubjlana Free Tour which leaves the pink church in Preseren square at 11 am it was just starting to sprinkle a bit I got there signed in and ran for a toilet. The  guide name was Eva and she was really interesting we walked around the square first getting history and stories. We learned of the national poet France PreŇ°eren and his unfulfilled love of Julija Primic, his muse. Afterwards we set off for the Dragon Bridge and We also stopped at the glass bridge (The Butchers' Bridge) where we heard men below can look up under girls dresses as they walk about. We also went through the Central market where a we tried some sauerkraut and something else from a vendor and she passed it around and most people tried some you could see the fussy ones that were never going to eat a shared thing like that you know germs, oh horror.

They also had a milk machine with UN-pasteurized milk the little group from Mexico (4 guys and one girl) bought that and were drinking, despite the guide comment not good to drink without boiling first.  I spotted a woman selling homemade candles and bought a Christmas one for friend, We also stopped at church that was really beautiful inside we had a few minutes to look inside the church door was quite unusual. Then onwards in the rain which was picking up we passed a group of children performing under a tent as part of a festival for children with disabilities, we only stopped for a moment.  Then we headed to an area a bit further away and went inside a building where we sat for a group photo and also got more history of Slovenia it was a good tour.

By now the rain was really coming down and I was cold and I spotted an outside cafe with big umbrellas and was going to buy hot chocolate to warm up but then saw they sold nutella crepes and decided that would be better I found a dry spot and enjoyed. I walked back to the market and bought a top they were so reasonable 5 euro I was not sure on the size as even the medium size looked big and got that the woman tried to sell me more but not knowing for sure they would fit I did not, too bad it fit nicely. I then wound back at the internet place as it was raining too bad to do anything. I made a stop at Saint Nicholas   again to look around more and take some photos. 

ceiling inside Ljubljana Cathedral

Being too cold and wet I decided to head back to my hotel as I had already decided on having dinner there for my last night I had seen a tricolor pasta with cheese and ham on the menu and had that with a glass of wine. I turned in early repacked as I had a early train and then read and relaxed. I am so happy I wanted to visit Lake Bled because I got to go to Ljubjlana and it was a very good choice I loved it there and loved the people.

The Pink Church

Julia's window

Glass bridge with locks
Dragon Bridge

Yummy pasta dinner