Saturday, June 1, 2013

Munich in the rain rain rain

Early morning train to Munich in the rain, I had spent an extra 4 euro to reserve a window seat for my journey from Ljubjlana to Munich, I got on the train hoping to find my seat but to make a long story short the ticket did not have a number on it.  So paid 4 euro for nothing so much for German efficiency (or being ANAL as I call it) I found a window seat but it belonged to someone, I dragged my suitcase with me looking for a seat and also some place to put my suitcase. I finally found a seat sat down and pulled my case in  between the table and seat with me. A couple of girls came over and said that they would put the suitcase up on the top luggage (another brilliant idea lets see have suitcases only placed on a rack over your head, no spots lower down)for me and I watched how easy they were able to do that ah to be young again. They asked me where  I was heading to and I said Munich and they said they would get it down for me when we arrived.  I had a seat but the train started going backwards and well the one girl who turns out was from London changed seats with me, as I hated being backwards. Later on as we made stops and people got off I moved to another seat so she could have her seat back and she could spread out and sleep, she had been sharing with others. 

not the view  I had hoped for

Of course because of the rain the view that is suppose to be one of the most beautiful trips through the mountains was anything but that. Then again if I knew that was not going to happen good weather on that train trip. At one point I walked around the train to stretch my legs a bit and found the area I would have been sitting in if I got the seat I paid for (so much for the famed German efficiency) it was a great area where the cars were enclosed by doors, but you could stand by a window outside the door and view the scenery.

I arrived to clear skies walked million miles out of way to hotel because of wrong direction from the tourist booth at the train station. I finally asked a Doorman at a hotel where mine was and he directed me to another area which was quite a hike back and very close to the train where I started.  I checked in and ready to head out but by now lots of rain I got pretty soaked I had dinner at a Turkish restaurant veggies and sauce and chicken yummy then the owner came and gave me  a little glass full of tea to warm me up.  He was so sweet I was the only non Arabic person in there.

hot tea
I napped  and came too at 10 pm stayed up about and hour and back to bed around 11 I woke up 15 to 6 saw it was not raining so I got up and got ready to go out. I was out at 6.30 and the place I saw last night with pasty was open got a yummy one and coffee went back to hotel and ate.  Then I was out by 7 am I was determined to see what I could before the promised rain.

I took  a tram and it was good I got there and started walking around all the garden areas are free and the are extensive. Some woman and her child had bread and the swans and ducks were going nuts as they were trying to get some took lots of photos and videos and plain enjoyed. I walked the grounds for awhile after buying ticket for the palace and I saw a sign to garden so I went there. It was separate not part of the palace it was 4 euro but  I decided to go in because I could see tons of  rhododendrons  or rhodys as I call them I was in heaven so many colors and kinds each one had little signs naming  first place I saw that. It also had a hot house area and all kinds of cactus and also turtles who I filmed as they came in and out of the water they were interesting to say the least. I found out this was the Munich Botanical Garden and it was well worth visiting. I saw a couple posing for their wedding photographs nice backdrop.

one of my fave flowers

Botanifcher Garten

I got hungry as breakfast was not much and hours ago and ordered a sausage and potato salad lets just say it filled me, sorry am not one for German food that sausage was pathetic.  It started to rain then at 1 pm but it was light rain. I went in the palace and you take photos but with no flash. I had to pay for a locker for my bag because it was too big and without thinking locked up my NIKON I looked around awhile the rooms were pretty and I was snapping away or just plain enjoying. I then  went to the carriage house and that was supreme I never saw anything like it the coaches each one different and so wild I will post photos later seemed like a fantasy I do hope they turn out.

photos do not due these justice

Then I  walked in the rain to another place but it was closed think it would have been better to have a sign saying closed rather than people walking all that way for nothing.  By then the rain picked up and I decided that was enough of that as the location was  even further away and I could not count on it being open, rather clever trick charging extra for tickets to see a place that is not even open, which is why I guess they do not inform you in advance. I then took the U back to Karlsplaza and then finally back to hotel as was so beat and napped for 45 minutes.  I just had dinner again in a Turkish restaurant it was a gyro and it was so damn good it had a few french fries wrapped in it.  shared the table with a man from Greece (he offered me a drink I said no thank you)and his friend she knew English so we talked a bit as I was leaving. Going to miss the good food from Europe its hard to find here.

Carriages Nymphenburg Palace

Gyro yum

Well since the rain let up I decided to hop the U back to the Marienplaz and just walk around and get some night photos. I heard music and there were street performers actually a little band. There was a man on violin and he was performing some song and getting people to join in he was  a bit of a mad man so he was playing crazy and then he would be "crying" another man had a big bass fiddle and he would straddle it as he played. They were quite entertaining and I dropped some change in the hat,  I stood and watched several songs before moving on.  Then it was time to get back to the hotel and turn in for the night. Off to home tomorrow will add photos to this later

ceilings Nymphenburg Palace

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