Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Saturday

The flight was uneventful had a nice chicken dinner and then slept after drinking a glass of white wine.  We arrived pretty much on time and I went through security etc, all they did was stamp my passport did not ask any questions which is unusual and then headed off for my flight to Porto, that was a short flight less than an hour. I arrived and then caught the metro into town and arrived in the metro station near my hotel which was a good 25 min walk and all uphill it was streets of San Francisco.  Dragging my suitcase up hill and when I got to the end of the hill I had to stop a couple minutes to catch my breath. There were a group of 6 young people and they appeared to be more out of breath than I was coming up that hill so I thought pretty good for an old hag. I checked into Guest House Alvares I had to wait a bit because someone ahead of me was asking all sorts of questions so I just sat on the couch.  I had to haul myself to the 2nd floor which meant 4 flights of stairs lucky the man there took my suitcase while I sat there waiting. The room was really different quite interesting looking especially the bathroom. I did notice that the bed was really short and I was thankful I was not a tall person. 
Clérigos Church

I decided considering it was now after 3 pm (no time to nap) that I would set out to see some of Porto this time it was a downhill walk to the center of town. I did fairly good walking down hill and got where I wanted in about 30 mins There were some beautiful tile churches I wanted to see. I loved them because they were blue and white tile.  I was able to look inside one and it was beautiful but was only able to stay a few moments as they were closing The other one was locked. The two were next to each other one was Carmo church and the other was Balhoa church sort of attached. 

Balhoa church, Porto

I decided at this point I was hungry as I had not eaten since the night before. I found an outside place enclosed in glass and placed an order, it was pork stew with fries it was different to say the least. Afterwards walked around a bit further and decided to work my way back to my hotel. By now a tourist/party bus was parked and people were on it dancing while a dj was playing all sorts of rocking music.  It was fun to watch for awhile there was an old man dressed in a pink jacket and bogging away I enjoyed seeing him. The  bride and groom appeared on their way to their reception, they stopped near the bus and started to dance and then kiss in the street much to the bus crowds approval. They then decided to climb about the bus an open double Decker and danced a few moments on top. At this point I was getting tired and started working my way back to my hotel uphill but not as steep as the hill from the bus station.

Amazing life like statues


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