Sunday, October 20, 2013

We're going home

Lisbon airport

I was up half the night as the hostel was very noisy they were blasting music until 2 am. I went to the bathroom middle of the night and were met by a couple being “friendly” and I got glared at come on people this is the bathroom…get a room.
I was awake around 6 am and hurried to shower before it was taken then I finished packing and went down to eat the stuff I bought the day before then I asked if the guy at the desk could bring my suitcase down and he said no problem he was  very nice. I went out about 15 mins to wait for my shuttle rather be early than late. It arrived on time and off to the airport, it turned out to be really close.

Jeronimos Monastery


Rossio Station

Be arriving so early I was able to check in quick and then looked around the shops and then finally found a spot to sit and read awhile.  I then saw it was time to board the plane.

A woman got on the plane the right away she standing in row ahead of me waiting for husband she kept announcing it (she had the exit row where there is a lot of leg room) and someone went to put their suitcase up in the bin over her and she said no I am saving that for my husband he’s coming she kept arguing with the guy he could put his carry on up there, she kept putting her hand up.The man went and complained the purser came and told her it did not her overhead, it did not belong to her and they argued the purser put the man’s case up there. Then she saw someone she knew ??? and she said this crew are crappy and bossing me and she went on and on the purser was still near and heard it and walked over and said stop talking about my crew like that and she said I was NOT talking to you I was talking to her. He was not happy. 

More arguing back and forth (he was firm but not nasty) made her sit down. He walked way and she was calling him a Nazi and Gestapo and got up again and kept saying my husband is coming. Well the purser came back with a stewardess and told her to stop it or he’d have her off the plane then the stewardess said your DRINKING and she is yelling no I am not just water. She finally sat down and the husband came and she kept saying how crappy she was being treated and went on and on about the luggage now he has not been there so he believes her it’s about the lack of luggage apparently when they checked in with no luggage they were given a hard time. So now the purser and stewardess come back and the husband starts about the luggage and the purser said this is not about luggage this is about how she was talking about my crew. She starts whining and husband got pissed at her and told her shut up then they threatened to take them off the plane and he says no please she will be good, they walk away and he was yelling at her.

So then they are back and told to move they don’t want them at the exit row so they are moved 2 rows back to the other side she put her shawl on her head and scarf on her face and passed out. She came to about an hour before landing and I can hear her again turn around and she is arguing with the purser again I heard food and heard him say you were sleeping  thinking she wanted her meal?? This went on and on and the purser was LIVID (but calm talking) and went and called for the police. Well they were going to escort them off the plane when we landed we were about 30 mins late they told us to sit that was about 10 mins and then they said we could leave so as we got off the plane the cops were there 6 of them guessing they decided not to delay us anymore. The purser apologized to me and I said hey not your fault.

I had to run for my flight as did not have a lot time to do it I had to go through passport control and that was a long line  I was lucky to get through a special security line or I would have never made it my luggage did not make it and it is going to be delivered in the morning.

I will miss Portugal is one of the nicest places I have visited, Lisbon was nice but it was Sintra that I loved the best followed by Porto.

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