Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day at the beach Cacias

Sipping a Pepsi

It was a beautiful day and so I decided to head to Cacias as it was the top of my list for Lisbon area and naturally I wanted to go on a sunny day.  I had to take train to Cacias from Cais do Sodre station which turned out to be a lot further walk than I anticipated but I did enjoy walking along the ocean. The ride was 40 mins. I arrived and started walking towards the water, the skies were gorgeous shade of blue and the water was amazing, I wanted to do the walk from Cacias to Estroil so I walked along the water taking my time. I would stop at whatever spot interested me the weather was perfect and I was in no hurry I had all day.

 I strolled along just amazed at the beauty of the place and the color of the water. I felt the heat and was thirsty so I ordered a pepsi and the man place it in a glass with ice and it really did the trick. I found a place to sit and enjoy it and people watch. 

I enjoyed a dog playing with a Frisbee tossed in the water. I found a spot to put my feet in the water and just enjoy the sun the skies the water.  I chatted with 2 ladies from Kerry, who were older and having a blast they could not believe their luck in the weather.  I watched another dog who would jump in the water and swim to her owner, it was quite amusing. I made it to Estroil and the famous Casino from Casino Royale was there but I could not find it and be honest was getting tired and did not want to stray from the beach it was getting quite hot.  I found a nice Pita place when I got back to Cacias so I bought a yummy kebab on one and sat on steps and ate it, I looked at little craft place.

Estroil Castle
Frisbee time