Thursday, October 17, 2013

A visit to Quinta da Regaleira saying goodbye to Sintra

Final day in Sintra and after breakfast I checked out but left my luggage in my room and decided to go to to Quinta da Regaleira I had seen a sign so I knew It was close to town.  I headed up the hill and then finally found it a bit further than I expected it to be.

I thought and because of lack of sidewalk had to be very careful walking and on the watch for cars. I paid the admission and headed in I looked at some of the ground first walking around there was quite a lot of walking and climbing. I went inside the chapel it was really very small I even climbed up to the balcony for a view down hardly worth it. The chapel looked a better on the outside than the inside. I then headed into the mansion and I was totally disappointed it was pretty much full of nothing just empty rooms and some information of what was there once,  I had expected to see furniture etc so it was disappointing.  I started to feel very warm as I walked though and then sweating as I walked through the rooms I actually thought I might be coming down with something.  I finally gave up and went outside and saw a little café where I treated myself to a “feast” to try and cool down.  I then decided to walk through some of the grounds trying to follow the map which was confusing, I did see a woman fanning herself and she said it is too humid, so that was what was wrong with me since it was a cloudy area and not exceptionally warm I did not realize it.  I decided I had enough climbing and decided time to head back into town and then back to my hotel.  I got my suitcase the owner was kind enough to take it across the street to train station he even asked if I needed help with the ticket but I told him I had bought round-trip.  I was heading back to Lisbon and I really hated to say goodbye to Sintra.

On the grounds

Quinta da Regaleria

I arrived back in Lisbon and the hostel was right there at the train station. I checked in and got a tour the guys name was John and he  was very friendly. I then headed out to look around a bit and search for something to eat after checking a few places I decided a buffet place was the way to go. The meal was decent, I had chicken and plenty of salads  and I also had a sangria.  

Chapel Quinta da Regaleir

Inside wall mural