Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Way Santiago de Compostela

St James 
Today my destination was to visit Santiago de Compostela Spain. I had seen the movie The Way and read about the Cathedral . I knew there was no way that I could make the walk along the trail that so many people do but thought I would still like to visit.  I picked up something for breakfast the night before I had a chocolate croissant and some orange juice and then since I had a couple hours before I had to head out to the bus so I decided to go out and find something  to eat for lunch on the bus I got a sandwich more like a small sub. I headed back to the church that had been closed on Sunday and it was open so I did a quick look around.  I then headed out for the bus station took the metro and it was only 3 stops away I had checked that out.  I was way early so just sat and people watched awhile. 

Inside the Cathedral

I met some women on bus from Australia, they had done the walk to Santiago (St James Way) from France and because they go there early they went to Porto for a few days told me there would be a Pilgrim mass at 7.30 pm so found my hotel and then headed to the cathedral.  I was late so had to sit on a side aisle.  The Botafumeiro (censer) was amazingly big and it wound up going back and forth in my aisle. There were 8 red robbed tiraboleiros (men) who were hoisting this up and swinging it back and forth, I was in the perfect spot to see it and also take photos and videos.   It was a very emotional service and for some reason I got all choked up. I looked around the Cathedral for awhile and then I headed back, by not it was after 9 by then and dark and now I realize I really did not know my way back to my hotel, and there were so many alley ways with hardly any lights. I had the directions so I would ask people finally got it right and realized I forgot to make a turn at the one point.

St James Moor Slayer
Eight red-robed tiraboleiros pull the ropes