Saturday, October 12, 2013

Goodbye Porto hello Lisbon

I had to say goodbye to Porto a place I really loved I took an early train to Lisbon I booked a place at Swiss Hotel I had a bit of trouble finding the right direction but asked people on the street and they knew where it was.  I had to wait a bit for my room but not too long.  I then headed out to look around Lisbon. I walked to the waterfront and there was some kind of festival going on there. 

Street Tiles Lisbon

I then walked through the streets which was the shopping area and there were a bunch of street performers I stood and watched some and if they were interesting I dropped some coins into their containers and snapped some shots. There was one guy that had a skeleton  puppet on strings and it was dressed in Elvis wig and sunglasses  and he had a boombox. The only little boy really loved sitting on the chair with "Elvis" who even sat on his lap then another woman put a little girl on the chair and she was freaking she was trying to get away from "Elvis".  I saw various performers up and down the street it was an entertaining evening.


Woman in Bronze

interesting instrument

King Jose

Fountain Rosso Square

Church of Sao Domingos