Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Sailing

The hotel had a breakfast available today and it was outside in their garden so I decided to have it, it was sunny but pretty cold out. This morning I decided to head to the waterfront it was a bit of a walk from where I was staying and downhill with my knee not good but I handled it.

breakfast in the garden

I then got ready and headed back down the hill to explore Porto some more. I got a coffee in Mickey D's and used their toilet. I was walking around taking photographs in Liberdade Square (Liberty or Freedom Square) I could hear music coming from the top of the square so I headed up there. I could see people dressed and dancing around there were chairs here and there so I found a good spot and sat down to watch the performance. It was quite interesting there were several performances including one of  the "dancers" moved around with a magnifying glass and he would walk up to people sitting there and examine them or places on the ground, the other dancers would sometimes join in it was all very interesting to watch. I found out that they were a group from Brazil and they were going to be part of some sort of show in Porto and Lisbon.

Liberdade Square

Brazilian Dancers

Liberdade Square

I then set off to find the church I had seen from Clérigos Church  when you look down the street from there the view is amazing and you can see another church up a hill (it was like someone painted it) and I decided to walk there and see it up close. It was a bit of a walk and at times hard going down hill with my knee but I took my time and stopped and enjoyed the many beautiful places on the way, snapping photos as I went and falling more and more in love with Porto. 

inside Clérigos Church

Church Of Saint Ildefonso

Church Of Saint Ildefonso


Church Of Saint Ildefonso as seen from Clérigos Church

I decided to take the boat trip  Seven Bridges on River Douro I bought a ticket but saw the boat was nearly full and I wanted a decent seat so I went back and asked for the next trip and the man hesitated and then said okay, They had a market selling handmade items and I saw something I wanted but had booked a boat trip and I asked if I could pick it up a later she said sure I offered to pre pay but she said no need. I was one of the first in line so I got a seat right up front, it was really getting hot out and very sunny the trip was good we went the river and to the entrance of the Atlantic ocean, we passed some interesting places but there was no narration.  I then looked around the the waterfront for a bit and picked up my purchase.

cruise landing

along the river

Cricket and I on the Douro river

I had a steak sandwich for dinner where they had it cooking over a fire outside and then cutting it off not a lot to it but enough to fill me.

Cooking my dinner