Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Las dos Marías, the two Marys

Today I decided to explore some more of Santiago I headed over to the Cathedral and then back behind to another area. I found a nice little park La Alameda and there was a statues of two ladies this is what I found about the statue.

La Alameda or Rosaleda park you will see a statue of two old ladies, known as Las dos Marías, the two Marys. Their real names were Maruxa and Corelia. They were two real ladies from Santiago. It is believe that they may have lost their mind during the Spanish Civil War. They believed to still be young ladies themselves and will parade the city streets and mainly the Rosaleda park attired with colorful outfits and loads of make up, talking and flirting with young university students. It is also said that they used to be abrupt with girls, probably as they felt threatened by their beauty. In memory of this two picturesque and irreplaceable characters of Santiago de Compostela they put a statue of them in the park.

Las dos Marías

Cathedral seen from my Hostel

I decided to take a "shortcut" back to my hostel to rest a bit well some short cut it was way way longer than if I had walked back through the Cathedral it was a different area to explore but by the time I got back to the hostel I was exhausted, I had to rest awhile. I finally got in touch with a friend who happened to be in Santiago she had actually did part of the walk of The Way of St James. I walked over to the hotel she was staying at with her group and we met up and went out to dinner and then we walked around the shops some. They insisted on  walking me back to my hostel.

Santiago Cathedral

Looking at my photos when I returned taken by the Cathedral I noticed what appear to be orbs in some of my photos these 2 examples were taken 4 hours apart at different parts of the Cathedral.


this was soo good

witch meeting