Thursday, October 10, 2013

La Coruna Spain

I decided to go to La Coruna Spain  read on a travel site that it was small and walk able that was not quite the truth it was a big city. I managed to find my way to the waterfront I walked into a pension (hotel) to ask where the ocean was the woman did not understand me a I said any word to indicate ocean and finally came up with Sea and she knew. I walked down a street for quite awhile and I was at the sea but it was a Port so I had to walk along that. I ran across a very nice park Jardines de Mendez Nunez where I rested and also people watched. 

Cricket by the ocean

I had to walk quite a distance to see any of the ocean, I did finally find a spot but you could not really get close to it. I climbed up on a wall and sat and watched the waves for awhile. I spotted some fishermen out in a boat. There were some interesting light posts and each one had some sea artwork going on.


Art work on light posts

 I then headed back to town it was quite a haul I was hungry and in search of food I only had a small packet of donuts at breki and it was 3 pm I found up having a little pizza bread and sat on the steps of a chair and ate it, and then walked some more. I found a place selling kabbs and ordered one to go. I asked where the bus station was and someone pointed out the route he said about 15 mins and you cross a highway.

Cricket and the wild bird

Floral Clock Jardines de Mendez Nunez

de Sir John Moore

Well I walked and walked and I saw a highway in the distance so thought okay that’s it and kept walking by now I had been walking about 45 mins up hill and it was killing my knee. I saw a tower that I recognized but I knew I had seen it in the distance and not across the street from it.  It was obvious I was not on the right route I asked a couple walking and they looked at a map and said it was way the other way and pointed. I started that route and it my knee was painful as it was so downhill and I started to worry was I heading the right way. I was pretty upset now and almost in tears and I pointed skywards and said I am lost are you listening could you please send help.

A few minutes after that plea I woman walking the opposite direction looked at me so I asked her if she knew where the bus station was. She did not know English and I showed her the bus ticket that had the bus station address on.  She looked at it and went on in Spanish and I said I am sorry I do not understand she pointed down the hill and made more motions and then started walking with me.  She would go ahead and I was following along as best as I could considering my knee I pointed to me knee. We walked quite a bit and then she was pointing and she said sorry I do not speak English, I am thinking your sorry for not speaking English and I am the one in your country not knowing Spanish. She then motioned for me to go again and after a bit I started seeing familiar places and finally she pointed out the station and I grabbed her arm and said called her an angel and she pointed to herself and said Angel, and smiled and walked away.

I sat and ate my sandwich on the bus and got back to my hotel and decided to stay in and just get ready to leave the next morning and read and relax.

flying witch?

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